Today Lauren & Caiden are back to school after half term. The last week has flown by and although I spent the first part of the week feeling ill we still made the most of the week.

I see all the time on social media and I hear in person people saying how they can’t wait for the school holidays to be over and for the kids to be back at school. I am definitely not one of those people. I love having them home from school. It’s Monday morning and the house seems too quiet and empty and I always take a few days to adjust back to not having them around for the day. I would much rather them be home.

On Monday last week, we met with friends and took the children to Bounce World. A bouncy castle company hired a local gym sports hall and they bought around 15 different bouncy castles. An hour and a half of bouncing and sliding – what’s not to love when you’re 5. We then went back to their house for the afternoon.

Tuesday wasn’t the best day for me feeling ill so a trip to the doctor’s first thing for antibiotics and a day snuggled in the warmth was all we did. Caiden was happy enough having a home day after a day out the previous day. The arts and crafts were pulled out and he got creative.

Back To School After Half Term.

Wednesday Caiden went out for the whole day with friends. I did feel guilty him having a day away from me in the holidays but I still wasn’t feeling 100% and I knew he would have far more fun out with friends. They played, went out on scooters and warmed up after a rainy walk with hot chocolate. He came home a very happy but tired little boy.

Thursday I was feeling so much better so we headed off to our favorite place – Paultons Park. The sun was finally shining after a few days of rain and we had a great. We have season tickets and we visit Paultons a lot but the last time we went was back in September before Caiden started school so it was nice to finally be back there.

Back To School After Half Term.

Back To School After Half Term.

Back To School After Half Term.

On Friday Caiden had his first sleepover at his friends house. He’s been on sleepovers before but only to my Mums house or my Sisters. This was the first time to just friends. I honestly didn’t think he would actually go through with it because for a while now he’s been a bit funny about spending time away from me. He did have a few wobbles and tears as he was leaving and once he got there … but he did it. He ended up having the best time, lots of laughing, lots of talking at bedtime and I picked up a very happy (albeit a tired) boy the next morning. I’m so pleased he did it because I think it’s built his confidence and realised he can do these things.

Back To School After Half Term.

Now it’s Monday morning and back to school! Did you all have a nice half term?


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  1. I love having my girls home with me. I was sad to see them go to school this morning.
    It sounds like you had a good half term….I hope you are feeling better now x

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