September 2020 – When I wrote this back in March I didn’t in a million years believe it would be so long before we did another school run, even though it was rumoured school wouldn’t re-open untl after the summer holidays, and I didn’t for one minute think it would have gone as quickly as it has done.

Yet here we are Monday 7th September 2020, 6 months from the last time I did a school run. This morning felt so odd! Being back at school again was bizarre. My house is quiet, I miss having him here. Yes there have been moments during the past 6 months I’ve found hard but oh gosh I feel privileged to have had those unusual amount of months with the two of them off school. It’s never happened before and who knows if it’ll ever happen again.

Homeschool was great to start with and then after a while it became a chore, it was harder to get him movivated but we managed it right up until the summer holidays.

Luckily by the time the summer holidays arrived restrictions were eased a little. We were still very careful obviously, but we were able to get out and about and have some days out too. I love spending our summer holidays out and about, making memories and having fun.

Who knows what the next few months will bring, with Autumn & Winter around the corner, but as they say we can only take each day as it comes.


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