My Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland Paris in the Winter Months. It might be freezing cold but it won’t stop you from having a wonderful time.

We went to Disneyland Paris in February last year and although the weather was cold we had a fantastic time and we didn’t let it spoil our time there. On the lead up to us going I was reading on some forums that fountains had frozen over, drinking water fountains had frozen pipes and all sorts. It was kind of handy to be honest because we have never been on a ‘cold’ holiday before so it enabled me to be prepared for our trip.

I made sure I packed things that would help us on our trip and I thought they would be handy to share my tips and tricks with you if you have a trip planned for the colder months.

  1. Layers – pack lots and lots of layers. They not only help to keep you warm, layers are easy enough to take off bit by bit if you end up getting warm whilst standing in queues that are inside, if you are sat inside watching a show (shows can last up to a good half an hour) or if you are dining in a restaurant. You want to be able to peel layers off to suit your comfort and then for it to be easy enough to out back on when you venture back outside again.
  2. The kind of clothes I packed and used for layers were, vests, thick tights or leggings to put underneath trousers, vest tops, t-shirts, long sleeved tops, and jumpers. Some days I would layer up with a vest or a vest top, a long sleeved top with a short sleeved to on top of that again and a jumper, so once I had my coat on I could be easily be wearing 5 layers and it would still feel comfortable and not restrictive. Seeing as each layer was thin it didn’t make me feel like I was in a straight jacket but I felt warm. Hats, scarfs, and gloves are a must as are thick socks – cold toes aren’t fun.
  3. ‘Hot Hands’ Handheld warmers. These can be picked up in most shops, Sainsbury’s, Home Bargains, Halfords …. or online such as Amazon (you can bulk buy them from here). They are handheld sized warmers and they fit perfectly in the palm of your hands inside gloves. You can only use one pair once but once activated they can last up to 10 hours! That’s practically a whole day in the park. You don’t need any equipment to activate them either. Hot Hands are air activated so you only open them when you need them. They are portable, take up no room in your luggage (perfect if you are only taking hand luggage on a flight) non-toxic, non-flammable, safe, and disposable.
  4. Hot Water Bottle – you might laugh but I did actually use mine on one of the colder days – we had bought a little travel kettle with us for our hotel room so I filled up the hot water bottle (not to too full obviously) and tucked it under my jumper. I wouldn’t have done this for the kids for safety but I do feel the cold so much that it was ideal for me.
  5. Warm comfortable shoes. You need to have something on your feet that is going to be comfortable. You are likely to be on your feet walking for up to 10+ hours a day (we covered around 18K steps per day!!!!!) so you need comfort but at the same time something to keep your feet warm. As well as lots of walking there is lots of standing around waiting for rides, parades, and fireworks. It’s when you stop moving you feel the cold more.
  6. If you have smaller children in prams and buggies don’t forget to pack lots of warm thick blankets. We kept warm by moving around as much as we could – little ones sat in the buggy will feel the cold more because they are sat still.

Here are my top tips and advice for generally keeping warm whilst visiting in the colder months:

  1. Keep moving as much as you can. You will do so much walking but honestly, it’ll keep you warm. If you find yourself standing around waiting for rides or parades try to keep moving if you can. Even on the spot just move your hands/arms and move side to side, standing completely still is the worst.
  2. Drinks as many hot drinks as you can. I loved their hot chocolate.
  3. Eat plenty. Keeping yourself full and eating regularly will help you stay warm. Eat a hot meal if you can as well.
  4. See as many indoor shows as you can. Disney offers so many different shows in both parks, not only does it give you a chance to sit down and rest your weary feet it’ll give you a chance to warm up a bit too.

Whatever you do though don’t worry. You will still be able to enjoy yourselves. We had a wonderful time and on the last day, it even snowed. It was magical!


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