I thought I would do a little throwback series for the next few weeks re-capping our holiday to Disney World in Florida. At the time of going I kept a daily blog which was only ever used for that holiday and i’m so pleased I did. Every night I would sit down and document what we had done each day even down to what kind of weather we had. I love reading it back every so often reliving the memories. We went to Seaworld for day five.

Day 5 – Seaworld (Friday 11th November 2011):
Today’s Weather 64F (17c)
Bit cooler today as the weather predicted, the sun was still out but there was a cooler breeze.
We decided to head off to Seaworld today – I remember it not being such a big park and we needed an easier day after such a busy day the day before – plus the park closed at 6.
Throwback to Florida Five Years Ago – Day Five.
Throwback to Florida Five Years Ago – Day Five.
We didn’t get there until about 11. We enjoyed the day but we won’t feel the need to go back there again the next time. We didn’t think there was much there (and thought the same last time too) we headed off to watch the ‘Shamu’ show first – mixed feelings about it really – yes it was impressive and they were very clever but I couldn’t help feel sorry for those gorgeous whales – 5 of them in a tiny pool, entertaining on demand … they seemed happy enough and was rewarded with plenty of fish and i’m sure if they were left to their own defences in the wild they would feel a bit lost I did still feel sorry for them.
Throwback to Florida Five Years Ago – Day Five.
Throwback to Florida Five Years Ago – Day Five.
Mr S went on the new ride ‘Manta’ – looked pretty hairy but he did it and said it was good.
Lauren & I queued up at 1.30 for the dolphin feeding – we bought a tray of fish each and stood by the wall to feel them …. this was pretty cool – I love dolphins – we were able to touch & feed them for about 15 minutes – Lauren loved it and said they felt so soft and silky. We didn’t get any photos of us doing this – Steve took a video instead from the viewing balcony.
The rest of the day was just wandering round looking in various pools of stingrays, fish, sharks etc. We went through a shark encounter which was ok.
The only other ride we did/fancied was the ‘The Polar Express’ based on the Christmas Film – we at first sat in a theatre to watch a preview of the film, then when we left through the exit door we were then in ‘The North Pole’ they had a few things to look at, a few Christmas presents along a warehouse corridor, no other decorations, no music playing it just seemed half hearted. We saw a few white whales and a polar bear (who looked throughly depressed being in such a small tank 🙁
Eventually we met Santa (it’s was ok nothing special to be honest and they clearly don’t put as much effort into things like Disney do).
That was it pretty much – we had done the whole park, not missed anything and by this time it was 6 and time to head back.
So yeah good day but a bit ‘meh’. We’ve done it and won’t feel the need to go again.
Coming up next Animal Kingdom & Epcot.

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