I thought I would do a little throwback series for the next few weeks re-capping our holiday to Disney World in Florida. At the time of going I kept a daily blog which was only ever used for that holiday and i’m so pleased I did. Every night I would sit down and document what we had done each day even down to what kind of weather we had. I love reading it back every so often reliving the memories. We had a break from the parks today, we popped to the Florida malls and spent the afternoon round the hotel pool.

Todays weather – 82f (27c)

We decided the night before we were going to have a day off from the parks today – we had a pretty long lie in due to no alarm and although we had decided to spend the day by the pool it was a little cloudy to begin with so we decided to head off for a wander around the Florida Mall.
We found it ok and right next door there was a huge ‘Toys r us’ so we took L in for a wander.
The Mall was ok – wasn’t anything special to be honest, we kept getting hassled by stall holders to test out hair straighteners which was highly annoying.
We did manage to find an Apple store though, so Mr S and I got to drool over the 4s (Can you believe the 4s was the newest phone back then?)
Disney Holiday - Florida Malls - Day 11.
Disney Holiday - Florida Malls - Day 11.
Don’t think there was much else really. They had a Disney Store and M&M world:
Disney Holiday - Florida Malls - Day 11.
I guess we must have been there for about an hour or so by which time the clouds had lifted and the sun was shining so we headed back to the hotel so that L could go in the pool.
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