It’s felt like we’ve had such a long winter and I’m sure it’s not just me dreaming of family holidays, looking online and wanting some warmth on my face? I need some sun and I need some time out with the family to enjoy time together without the rat race of the day to day life.

It feels like a lifetime ago since we went to Disneyland Paris last year, and although it was a lovely little few days away it was in February and in the minus figures weather wise. For our next holiday I definitely want some sun!

Flip Flops by a Pool

I have been finding myself browsing the internet during the evenings looking at holiday companies, seeing what they have on offer and looking at where we might like to go.

I think this year we won’t go too far, just a week perhaps somewhere within a few hours flight time. I have got in mind a big holiday next Summer when Lauren has finished school after her GCSE’s as a little way to celebrate her journey in school ending.

So where have I been looking for this year? Mainly places like Majorca, Spain, the Canaries, Cyprus, Portgual etc. Most of them are a maximum of 4 hours to fly from the UK.

Some of the requirements I look for when looking or booking a holiday for our family may be different to others but because of our personalities and the age gap we have with Lauren & Caiden these are some of the things important to us:

We like to have a bit more space than just the one hotel room with a bathroom (idealy anyway). I tend to look out more for apartments/suites with a separate bedroom and lounge area, villas or similar. We don’t mind staying a few nights in the one hotel room but for anything like a week or two, we do like to have more space, especially as essentially there are 3 adults and Caiden.

Depending on where we go I usually look out for at least full board or all inclusive for our holidays but if we went back to somewhere like Florida then that would be a self-catering basis in a villa.

Pool – having accommodation with a pool is a must I think. Lounging by the pool in the sun and messing about in the water with the kids is what a relaxing week away is all about isn’t it? Both Caiden and Lauren adore the water so its a safe bet they’ll spend all day long in the pool on holiday I think.

Lady in a Pool

Although we’re not the excursion type of people when we go away we do like to venture into local towns and because we’re always on the go at home I think a complete week or two of doing absolutely nothing, bar sitting by the pool would bore us day in and day out. So for that reason, I look at holidays and areas where they have some sort of family entertainment nearby. Like a theme park or a water park so we could spend a few days out having some fun.

Water slides

So far I have shortlisted a few places and have added them to the favourite list and of course, I’ve also been looking into other areas of booking a holiday too.

Seeing as we live a few hours away from the main London airports (most flights go from there) and depending on the flight times we often go up the night before and usually stay in a hotel near to the airport we are due to fly from. That also means looking at booking the car into an airport car-park for the duration of our holiday. When we went away last year we found it so convenient and easy to use a parking service at Gatwick airport. We literally drove the car to the car-park, handed the keys over and got on a free shuttle bus to the airport terminal. After our break we did the reverse, checked the car out, we got handed the keys and away we went. It was effortless and easy to do.

I would also really like to invest in some new luggage. The suitcases we have are years old and are looking a bit ropey with some zips missing. I think decent luggage is important because not only does it carry your personal belongings they have to endure a fair amount of traveling through the airport, conveyor belts and luggage system to the plane. I’ve got my eye on those super lightweight cases so they don’t eat into my luggage allowance too!

A big part of booking a holiday and going away is holiday insurance. It’s so important to make sure you and the family are covered whilst you are abroad and also covered for your holiday in case something happens and you’re not able to actually go after paying in full for it. You just never know and for peace of mind, I will always book travel insurance when I go on holiday. It’s just not worth the risk. Medical Travel Insurance has it all covered – from single to annual trips to winter trips, a large range of pre-existing medical conditions etc. After booking our holiday this is probably the next thing I make sure we have covered.

How are your holiday plans coming along for this year? Where are you going if you have already booked? Or if you are still looking where is on your wishlist?

This post was in collabrations with Travel Medical Insurance

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