Forno Pizza Bournemouth


Forno Pizza is a fairly new sourdough pizza restaurant in Winton, Bournemouth owned by a couple, James & Gina. During February Half-term and the Easter holidays, they’ve been holding pizza classes for kids before the restaurant opens for trade. It’s so nice having something different planned to do in the school holidays, so as soon as I saw their advert last week I signed Caiden up. During the session, they were taught how to make the dough, what ingredients go into making it and which countries the ingredients come from. They had the opportunity to whisk, touch, taste ingredients & blend tomatoes to formulate the pizza sauce. Fun fact – The tomatoes they use for the pizza sauce are sourced from Italy and grown near the volcanoes. Due to the warmer soil, it makes the tomatoes sweeter! How cool is that? I really liked the fact that James & Gina made sure…