Beets Blu –  A Heart Rate Monitor Review

I was recently contacted from a company called Beets Blu asking if I would like to review their heart rate monitor. Seeing as Mr S is a Plasterer I thought he would be the prefect candidate to review this. Plastering is a very physical job, working at a continuous pace for several hours, so I thought it would be a good exercise in monitoring his heart rate over a long period. The day he reviewed the monitor was a particularly busy and strenuous day.

First of all the monitor comes with a strap which you attach to your chest, to pick up your heart rate. The data is then directly transmitted via bluetooth through bluetooth smart wireless technology to a variety of devices, which collates data to a variety of apps on your smartphone. You can check here to see if your device is compatible and also the range apps so you can see your results.

Beets Blu a heart rate monitor review
This is what is included in the box.

Getting Started

To get started, the strap is fully adjustable, so adjust it to a length that feels comfortable for you whilst wearing the device. You can then attach the device by using the poppers shown in the photo below.
Beets Blu a heart rate monitor review Beets Blu A Heart Rate Monitor Review

It is advisable to slightly wet the electrodes prior to making contact with the skin, the device will only work once it is connected to the electrodes and they are in contact with your skin.

Mr S found the strap to be somewhat uncomfortable to wear around the chest. Being a plasterer requires plenty of movement with your arms and shoulders and this caused the strap to rub against the skin. He did find wearing it slightly lower (just below the chest & above the stomach) was far more comfortable though, and he was still able to get a continuous accurate reading.

As I mentioned there are alot of different apps you can use with the monitor. For the purpose of this review Mr S downloaded the ‘BB Utility’ app. To get started it asks you to enter if you are male or female, your height what you weigh in kgs.

Beets Blu - A Heart Rate Monitor Review

Beets Blu - A Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Beets Blu App doesn’t offer any more information other than the current heart rate and offers no graph or hindsight records of what has been recorded. This doesn’t matter though as plenty of other third party apps for both iPhone and Android which connect to the device allow you to record your activity offering much more important analysis and information from your workout including Apple’s health kit when using iPhone.

In summary, the device seems consistent and accurate and in conjunction with all the other third party apps that you can use to collate the information should be suitable for most people’s needs.

*Disclaimer – I was sent this Heart Monitor for the purpose of this review, however this is an honest review, all thoughts are my own and they are a true reflection of what I think.

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