This is exactly what we did at the weekend ….. we looked around Winchester University when they had their open day.

How has it got to this point in parenting already that we are looking around universities for Lauren to possibly be attending a year in September?? Everyone says things like this all the time and it’s such a clique but honestly where have the years gone? It only seems like 5 minutes ago she was starting school let alone going off to university!

Winchester University has set the bar high for our first introductions to universities I must admit. We were all very impressed especially Lauren. It’ll be interesting to see how other universities compare when we look around one or two more. The facilities they have at Winchester for the course Lauren is interested in is second to none, the lecturers were very impressive in their briefs/course talks and we had a good one to one with one of them afterwards and he answered a lot of questions Lauren had.

We had a look around the student accommodation and seeing as Winchester is fairly communicable from where we live, I do think staying on campus for the first year will be good for her to not only feel included with uni life but to have the experience of it all. Thankfully she’s planning on moving back for years two & three. I don’t think I can handle the thought of her moving out next year for 3+ years (or longer).

Like I said we will have a look around one or two more but she’s not wanting to go too far (which is fine by me) and tbh why would you when you have a perfectly good uni nearby that will suit all of her needs and has the course she is looking at.

Just soak up those primary school Christmas performances, sports days, special assemblies etc because it all goes by so quickly.


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