I know up until now we’ve had the placement announcement and Mr S & I have had our parents evening and show around the school, but today marks the day of the new journey for little C. This afternoon he is having an hours induction at his new primary school ….. on his own. Without me, without his pre-school teachers.

So yes technically he has been in the school and had had a few visits with his pre-school but today is different. Today I will be dropping him off and leaving him there for an hour with everyone else on his own.

It’s big … it’s pretty huge especially for him (well and for me too!).

I think it’s been on his mind a lot this week too. Up until now he’s been really excited about his ‘big school’ (that’s what he calls it) but this past week or so he’s not been as keen on chatting about it and he said something very logical the other day:

“Mummy I can’t be going to big school yet, I’m still the same size”

Fair point! I think in his little mind he assumed he would be off to ‘big’ school once he was bigger, like his big sister. He’s also been waking up a fair bit these past few nights with nightmares – nothing to do with school but I think it’s because school is playing on his mind. He keeps asking me not to leave him there today and can I stay with him.

C’s pre-school is AMAZING – they really are. I mentioned to his main teacher there yesterday about his fears and she said she would take him and a little group of children over to the primary school (they’re next door to each other) and let them have a little look around. The primary reception classes were on their school trip yesterday so the classrooms were empty.

I picked him up from pre-school yesterday and he had a big smile on his face telling me all about his adventures over to his new school that afternoon. His pre-school teacher said that she would print the photos they took overnight and he could see them in pre-school in the morning.

I dropped him off at pre-school this morning and when we went in there was a huge poster hanging up with 5 photos of the classrooms and peg areas with a big printed sign saying ‘C had taken some pictures his his new school to show everyone’

I was bowled over by the effort she made yesterday to try and help his afternoon today go easier. All I mentioned was he was nervous about going for his visit and she did all of that for him. I will be so so so sad when it comes to him leaving them, he’s honestly had the best time ever there.

Anyway, it’s currently 11.04. I’ll stop this post here for now and I shall update this afternoon on how he found his little settling in session at his new school (I’m trying to change big school into new school for now). I’m hoping once he’s been today his second settling in session will be much easier for him and he will be able to look forward to it.

So it’s now a little later on and little C is tucked up in bed hopefully dreaming of his great afternoon at school!!! He LOVED it.

When we arrived he picked up his name from the table and stuck his label on. We waited by the doors and when they opened the teacher knew who he was from a previous visit into his pre-school so that broke the ice a little bit. She said to leave Mummy/Daddy/Nanny etc there and they would see us later … and just like that he gave me a big smile and walked in. Ahhh my heart swelled and broke at the same time.

He was only there for an hour so in no time I was stood back outside the door eagerly waiting on him coming out to see how he got on. The teacher called a child one by one and made sure they went to whoever was there to collect them … eventually, C come out, ran over to me with the biggest of smiles and gave him such a big cuddle. He was so excited to tell me what he had been up to – he chatted all the way back to the car skipping alongside me. I knew then he had a good time.

His next settling in session is in a few weeks and next time hopefully he’ll look forward to it rather than worry on the build up. Then that’s it … after that settling in session the next time he goes will be when he starts in September *sobs*



  1. Milestones are always so challenging for all. Well done to you both. Give yourself a pat on the back. You have raised a confident child!

  2. You get two settling in sessions? Wow! Seems like it went well. Got my youngest having her settling in day next week. Hope the leap to primary school goes well. I always thinnk it’s a bigger jump for mum sand dad! #thatfridaylinky

  3. I hope everything g goes well for you all hard times Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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