*Gulp* The day is almost here. Tomorrow Tuesday 18th April 2017 marks the day we find out Caiden’s school placement. The school his name is down against and the school he will start in September.

Am I excited? Not really, no. Caiden is our last child and him going off to school marks the end of a lot of things. He’s the last ‘baby’ to be at home with me all day – he’s my little buddy and companion and I hate the thought of him being somewhere for 6 hours a day. I like our time together. Whether it’s just having a day at home or enjoying a day out. Come September I will no longer have the ‘child at home’ (except evenings, weekends and holidays obviously) but you know what I mean.

I know everyone says this, but it really only does seem like 5 minutes ago he was born. These past 4.5 years have gone by so fast and I wish I could re-live them all again. I’m not ready for him to go off into the big wide world (ok, that’s a bit extreme I know).

Tomorrow morning, just after 9am I will receive an email, I doubt I’ll sleep much tonight. I, of course, want the email so I know that he’s got into the school we want him to go to and also the school he himself talks about going to.

Wish us luck.

Who else is waiting for school placement news tomorrow?



  1. We’re at the other end of the spectrum – our eldest (of two) is starting school in September. He got into the school he wanted, and we wanted, obviously: he already goes to the nursery and it is very local, so there were no worries, although I was getting a bit concerned as 5pm approached without any news. (The email had somehow gone into my Bin mailbox, not even the Spam one.) But I’ll still got our 13-month-old at home for a while, and I’m looking forward to having the time to push her into town in the buggy rather than having to drive everywhere…

    Did your boy get the school he wanted?

    • Yes, he did thankfully. Blimey, 5pm is a long time to wait to hear isn’t it? I found it bad enough waiting until 11am. I can’t believe his new chapter begins in just 5 months! I’m pleased your little boy got his first choice too x

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