It was a whole year ago today we found out what primary school Caiden would be attending. On Monday this year parents up and down the Country were feeling the same as we did last year. Waiting for the news and that email to arrive felt like forever.

It was lovely seeing my social media of happy parents who had secured their preferred choice, I remember feeling the same myself, but I have also seen that’s not possible for everyone and I hope they manage to find a solution they are happy with.

So a year in … how are we finding school? I can’t believe that this time last year we were finding out and fast forward to today and he’s been in school for 7 months!!!! How can he only have 2 more half terms before he finishes Reception?? 

Well, he’s thriving. He really is doing so well. There have been a few little issues along the way, not so much with him being in school and having problems but more so suffering from a bit of separation anxiety but I have to say now he’s absolutely fine. I just think the big transition and changes he had going to school maybe made him a bit unsure.

Caiden had a glowing report at his recent parents evening, his reading is excellent (he’s moved up 3 reading groups already) his numbers and writing is brilliant and above where he needs to be for the time being. He’s got lots of friends and some very close friends and he generally sounds like he’s very happy at school, which we know he is by the way he chats to us about his day.

If you were waiting for school placement news this week how did you get on?


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