Today was the day Caiden started pre-school. We visited a few times back last Summer and put his name down for him to start in January ….. I can’t tell you how fast that time has gone.

I’ve been feeling mixed emotions over the past few weeks as this date has been nearing. I had at one point thought about phoning and delaying him until Easter – I just wanted to keep hold of him that bit longer before I had to share him. But that was for my benefit, not for his, and I realised that a few weeks before Christmas. One day he announced “Mummy I want to go to my school” He described the place and what he remembered which I thought was pretty impressive seeing as we hadn’t been there since June! He was all set to take his pajamas off and get going. He broke his heart when I told him he had to wait until after Christmas because it was closed. It was then I decided he was definitely going to start today.

All over the Christmas holidays, he’s chatted to me about it, he was telling me how I was to take him to school, come home again and then pick him up afterwards. He was so excited.

The last few days he’s been counting down how many sleeps he had to go, and this morning he come running into my room shouting “Mummy I’m going to school today, I’m so excited!”



He’s doing afternoons for the time being due to those being the only sessions they could offer. When the time came to go he raced out of the door and jumped into the car. Part of me did worry he would change his tune when he arrived, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He went in with no problems what so ever, we were told we could stay for the session if we or he wanted, but I asked him and he was happy for us to go. I didn’t want to decide to stay and get him used to that, so off we went. We were told to come back half an hour early from the usual pick up to see how he was getting on, and if in the meantime there were any problems they would call us.

I kept my phone by my side all afternoon but it never rang. My little boy was doing just fine, and when it come to collecting him we found him happily chatting away to a teacher looking at their resident rabbit.

The whole process was so much easier than when Lauren went to pre-school, she hated it and I had to stay for a few sessions and when the time came for me to leave here there she would cry and cling on to me. I’m hoping Caiden continues to do as well as he has done today, it was far easier leaving a happy child in pre-school rather than a crying one.

I’m so proud of how my little boy has dealt with it all. He seems so grown up now he’s embarked this next stage in his life. I no longer have a baby or a toddler … I have a pre-schooler <3



  1. It’s so hard isn’t it I was upset when L started pre-school but he didn’t look back. It’s the balance between letting them go a little & not wanting to let them go.

    • Lisa Reply

      He’s been doing so well. He settled in with no problems which is so nice after having Lauren who didn’t & cried everytime I took her x

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