We are one week into our ‘new normal’ for the time being and we have completed our first week of home schooling due the school closures here in the UK.

We’ve actually had a pretty good week .The sun has been shining all week which has helped massively being able to get outside in the garden. Caiden has spent so much of the afternoon out in the garden playing on his trampoline, helping us do the odd bit of gardening or playing with his cars. I’m so thankful for the good weather and I really hope it sticks around. We’ve had such a long wet winter.

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We’ve both adapted to home school really well. Caiden’s school have set Maths & English work alongside some fun learning and reading to complete each day and I’m so grateful they’ve not applied any pressure expecting us to be working 4-5 hours a day with them. They have set short simple tasks each dat and they have sent out an email saying we are not expected to become teachers overnight. Children in school only learn for a total of 2.5/3 hours per day anyway when you break it all down and learning doesn’t have to happen sitting at a desk.

Last week we managed to complete all the work set and we’re all ready for next week wth everything printed out ready to go.

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I found that getting on with the work in the morning worked has well for us – Caiden i’m sure is more focused first thing. We stop half way for a snack and 20 minutes or so outside as they would in school and by lunchtime all his work was pretty much done so he spent the afternoon in the garden.

I’m not expecting everything to always go as well as last week, I’m sure at some point it might get repetitive or he might loose interest so we’ll go with it for now – that said he might not! Who knows and who knows how long this will all really go on for. I know it’s pretty much expected for schools not to return until September, but as of yet that hasn’t been stated.

How have you all got on? Has it been a hard adjustment to home school or has your first week gone well too?


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