How are we here already? Today marks the last day for you in Foundation. I cannot actually believe this day has come round so fast. It really does only seem like a few short months since you started on your first day.

You have changed and developed so much during your first year at school. You have settled in so well and you really enjoy it. You might still need me to leave you with your teacher each morning as you watch me walk off but I know you have the best time during the day, you just need to build up the confidence to go in alone, which is something we can work on in Year 1.

You started the beginning of the year not being able to read and you only had basic writing, You could write but I had to write the words out for you to copy. Now at the end of the school year (which isn’t even a whole year), you are absolutely smashing your reading. It’s blown us away how much you can read and you have already moved up 3 reading groups. You are reading big words just by sounding them out and you’ve now just become to recognise them without needing too. Your numbers are maths are something else too, you are now starting to count in 2’s and 5’s and you are good at adding sums as well. Your excellent reading has also enabled you to write lots more too. You are capable of writing out your own cards to people and quite often you’ll leave me little notes around the house.

Your very first reading book!You have made so many friends this year, i’ve enjoyed listening of an afternoon where you’ve told me who you’ve played with at lunchtime and what games you’ve been playing. It’s lovely seeing you build a little network around you. I must admit you do seem very popular with the girls haha.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed attending all of your special assemblies, Christmas play, and afternoons where we could visit your classroom. I’ve sat in the audience with tears in my eyes watching you sing your songs or hold up a piece of work you are proud to show off in front of a hall full of parents.

You’ve enjoyed your first school trip in January to the science museum and still to this day you talk about your most favourite part of the day …. the journey to and from on the coach! You loved it.

You’ve recently had your first sports day and on the weeks leading up you practiced hard in school during your PE lessons .. well that certainly paid off – you come 3rd in your running race. My heart was beating so fast watching you amongst your fellow classmates as you dashed from the starting point until the very end. You were very so pleased with yourself and of course I was sat there trying not to cry with proud tears!

School lunches have encouraged you to try new things. When you first started, you hated the hot dinner hall. To you, it was a big, noisy, scary place so you chose to stick with packed lunches for the safe bet. But as time has gone on, if you’ve fancied something from the hot menu you’ve chosen it and you’ve been fine.

Your teacher has been the most amazing lady ever! You really couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for your first year and I think we are both sad that today will be your last time together.

We have had the pleasure as parents to be able to follow your journey via the ‘Tapestry online journal’. Your teaching staff have added posts to this throughout the year letting us have a little insight as to what you have got up to in school. I’ve almost been like a fly on the wall. I’ve seen photos, videos and comments from your teachers of various activities you have done and it’s been truly lovely. We too have added things to your journal from days out, weekends away or achievements at home and they have then been shown to your class the following day/week. I know this is quite a rare thing for primary schools to do. Now the year has finished we get to download it all as a PDF to keep.

Your first school report was given out just a few weeks ago and again it just signifies your personality and how well you have grown in school over this past year. Here are just a few snippets:

“Caiden has a wonderful imagination” “Caiden has made some strong friendships and his kind nature and sense of humor makes him a popular member of the class” “Caiden is always extremely focused and concentrates well” “Caiden enjoys outdoor play and had good knowledge and understanding of the world around him”

Last week you were treated to a special party with the headteacher, deputy teacher and head of year along with a select few other children to receive a certificate of achievement for being such a good role model. You had some biscuits and a few treats in a little tea party. You come out of school that afternoon so excited to show me your certificate.

What a journey – we are so very proud of what you had achieved this year and how well you have adapted to school. I am feeling sad it’s come to an end. Foundation is over and one never to be re-visited. Never are you going to have your first sports day or your first school report, but of course, you have lots more to come so we shall look forward to those.

This afternoon will be hard to say goodbye, you have been feeling a bit emotional a few afternoons coming out recently and you have had a few wobbles about leaving Foundation and going into year one, but I just know you’ll smash it when the time comes.

On your First Day in Foundation 18 September 2018
On your last day in Foundation 24th July 2019

Love you as always – Mummy x


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