Nothing Compares To The Simple Pleasures Of Riding A Bike‘JF Kennedy

Caiden asked Santa for a big boy bike without stabilisers for Christmas this year and his wish came true. There waiting to greet him on Christmas morning was a brand new bike.

We live in a cul-de-sac and on Christmas morning we went outside and he gave it a try, riding up the road just outside our house. He found balancing really tricky and I think it was partly due to a sight curve in the road and I don’t think he was picking up enough speed to gain his balance.

We were out all day after that and the following day we tried again but he was getting really frustrated and upset so we left it. He was convinced he would never be able to get it.

Fast forward a busy week and this afternoon we decided to drive somewhere locally where we knew of a place with a really good stretch of path with grass verges either side. He would have enough space to really pick up some speed and therefore hopefully find it easier to balance.

I had visions of us being there all afternoon after him giving up so easily on Boxing day, but after about 20 minutes he had it mastered.

Holding the back of his seat or his coat whilst running alongside him was actually hindering him. He was relying on us a bit too much and when he was leaning he didn’t try to correct himself because we were holding him up. So the best thing we did was just give him big old push and let go.

He was beyond chuffed with himself, he was literally beaming with pride. It wasn’t a fluke either because he did it a good few times after aswell.


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  1. Oh wow, what a wonderful gift – he looks so grown up! Our children have only recently got bikes – with stabilisers – but I think they’d do much better without them too! x

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