My darling boy,

It only seems like five minutes ago I was preparing for your first ever session at pre-school, and now eighteen months later it’s the morning of your last session there.

You jumped right into pre-school from the word go. I don’t think in the last year and a half I’ve ever dropped you off and left you crying or not wanting to be there. You have loved every minute of it and when I’ve picked you up after each session you’ve come out with a big smile on your face and full of the tales of your 3 hours, telling me what you’ve been up to whilst holding my hand skipping next to me.

You’ve changed and grown so much and become much more confident in the past year and a half. You have made friends with lots of other children, you have tried new things and tried new foods that you wouldn’t have even considered trying at home. You’ve brought home a vast amount of paintings, models and all different creations you’ve made and I’ve proudly pinned them to the kitchen cupboards to display them to everyone who comes round.

You’ve enjoyed trips out, mornings playing rugby & some mornings doing gym, alongside the role play, arts and crafts, and all the outside garden play.

You always seem so pleased and excited on a Tuesday night when I tell you it’s a pre-school day tomorrow – you then know you have three days of fun, messy play, dressing up play, playing with friends all ahead of you and you’re so happy.

I’ve just dropped you off for your last ever session and I’m sad and heartbroken for you, your time at preschool is ending. You’ve definitely had the best time ever and I really want it to carry on for you … but you are so excited about going to ‘big’ school in September I’m sure the happiness will continue. I hope your years in big school will be as happy as the time you’ve had in pre-school.

I have been given your little book today – a book full of work you’ve done, pictures showing how much fun you’ve had, words and sentences you’ve been telling your teachers and when I look back at the beginning I can actually see how young and tiny you were – at the time you were 3 and didn’t seem to be as little as you look now, but I can tell you’ve started off pre-school as a baby and progressed and grown into a little boy.

I hope you’re having a blast sweetheart at your last session. I’ll certainly miss taking you there.

Day one compared to your last day!

A Letter To My Boy On The Last Day Of Pre-School!

A Letter To My Boy On The Last Day Of Pre-School!

A Letter To My Boy On The Last Day Of Pre-School!


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