Friday 20th March 2020. We are in the middle of this world pandemic and today might possibly be the last school run we do for a while & the last day in Y2 for Caiden. It’s an uncertain time.

There haven’t been any guidelines as to when the schools in the Uk will re-open but for now, it’s indefinite and rumours are it could be until after the summer.

This is huge, it’s massive and I feel so very sad today about it all. I feel sad children are going to lose a massive chunk of their school education, a huge massive chunk of their socialising and seeing their friends, a loss of routine. They’ll miss out on sports days, school class photos, school discos, end of term parties, proms …

Yes I know it’s important for this to happen it goes without saying but it doesn’t stop me for feeling sad for them. I’m sure everyone else feels the same.

I wonder how they are going to phase them back into school when it does happen. If it’s before the summer holidays then there is a chance for them to finish their current school year. If it’s as late as September then will they have to adapt to a brand new year even though they’ve missed out on 6 months of the curriculum they are currently working on? Will they have to go back to new teachers and classrooms who they haven’t had a chance to meet? Will they start them back off in their current years, but if so how will that affect their new school year? Missing out on GCSE’s & A-Levels is just devastating – how will this affect them in later years?

Will children struggle to go back when they eventually go back after being confined to the home and their parents for the next 6 possible months?

There are so many unanswered questions and lots of uncertainty.


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