Have you ever had a day out planned and had an expectation of how it’s going to be, but the reality is so very different? Don’t get me wrong we did have a nice day but it definitely wasn’t like the expectations we had!

It’s been a fairly nice, quiet half term so far. Caiden has a day with his Nanny on Monday, Tuesday we had a quiet day at home, yesterday my Sister and two Nephews come round for a playdate and the boys had an absolute blast! They played and played for hours and just really enjoyed each others company.

Today my sister and I booked the boys on an arts and crafts session locally. It was Pirate themed and they had a choice of creations to make. Great, we’ll have loads of fun.


Sitting with the boys creating beautiful Pinterest perfect Pirate ships, stress-free and fun. I’m not in anyway arty at all but that didn’t matter, we were going to think outside the box and come up with something awesome!


It was noisy and Caiden hates lots of noise, it wasn’t a great start, he wanted to go home. They had a choice of making a pirate ship, a telescope or a parrot. Caiden choose a telescope and Harry chose a ship. Between my sister and I we were passing a 9 month old baby between us who quite franky found the whole process boring after 10 minutes. Nothing was sticking to the boat or telescope with the pritt stick and Harry didn’t like stuff sticking to his ‘covered in pritt stick fingers’ Oh and we were in the attac of the bulding so bascially we were sat in a furness.


Eating chip shop chips from a bag whilst sat on a bench along the Quay taking in the sights around us of the boats moored up and feeding the swans with swan feed in the sun.


The walk to the chip shop was …. testing! We had 1 pram with a buggy board attached, one baby, one 3 year old, one 6 year old, 2 telescopes, 1 pirate ship, 1 pirate hat and 2 eye patches. The roads were busy we had 2 pairs of hands between us (1 pair to be fair was pushing the pram) we had one child trip over laces mid road cross, little side roads with no pavements and hungry children because by this point it was verging on 1.30 – lunchtime was well and truely an hour ago! It felt like we were out with the circus.

We made it to the chip shop, and the plan had now changed from sitting on the Quay to wherever is quickest to get too that was safe and away from traffic.

We headed for a local Church which to be fair has beautiful ruins and gardens with benches – thank goodness! But the walk there was like walking with ants .. whilst eating chips. It was S.L.O.W

We found a bench – Phew! We were exhausted – we sat and ate the chips and before our car parking tickets expired the boys run around to their heart’s content, playing hide and seek in the ruins and having a great old time.

We concluded all we needed to do in the first place was to find a field and let them run … or not even leave the house because of the day before they had a great afternoon with their play date at home. Having said that it’s all about making memories isn’t it and today will definitely be one of those! Faceplanting my phone onto concrete whilst trying to get off the bench wasn’t an ideal situation either … luckily all that smashed was the screensaver!

The boys had a fun though.



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