On Friday C went on his first school trip. He only started school back in September so I was surprised they would be going on one so soon.

They went to the Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium. It’s about an hour away from us. The week leading up to his big trip the theme in the classroom was space and the planets. When I dropped him off I would see tables full of activities to do with space and posters up around the classroom. He didn’t mention much throughout the week about the trip.

I collected from school on Thursday afternoon and the first thing he said to me was “Mummy I don’t want to go on the trip tomorrow” I reassured him he would be fine and that he would have lots of fun and that was the end of the conversation, he didn’t ask or talk about it for the rest of the evening.

Friday morning approached and again he said he didn’t want to go, but he never actually said why until we were on our way to school. A little voice from the back of the car said “Mummy I’m a bit scared about going on a coach because I’ve never been on one before, is a coach that big bus with lights coming from the roof rather than the side like a car, and also I’m really worried about how something so big can get us up to space and I’m scared to go up to space”.

It totally struck me that all week he’s been really confused, learning about space and therefore fully believes that’s where his school trip was going to take place. I did laugh to myself, although these were huge worries for him they really were adorable. I think as adults we take for granted children see things as we do. We know there is an activity centre all to do with space, but he doesn’t, we’ve been on coaches at some point in our lives and know what it’s like, but he hasn’t. We had lots of chatting on the way to school trying to get him excited and reassure him he wasn’t going into space, but we did have lots of tears when we got into his class. A word with his teacher and teaching assistant (who are really amazing) helped.

I sat in my car on a side road opposite the school and waiting for them to board the coach and watched them drive off hoping he would have a great time. I couldn’t wait to pick him up again at 3.

After the trip, he has said a few bits and pieces about what they got up to but the most fun part of the day for him was …. the coach! You’ve got to love them.




  1. It’s usually the simplest things that they love the most! And it’s so nice that schools organise trips like this, it looks like they had a great day x

  2. Love a childs perspective and yes the simplest of things are the most notable! My daughter is always nervous of new things and situations and it does allow me to take it for granted less that they know what to expect x #TheOrdinaryMoments

    • Thank you for your comment. I’ve come to see that lots of children are often nervous or unsettled at the thought of doing something new, at first I wondered if was just him, but speaking to lots of other parents over time I realise so many also do x

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