It’s Christmas Eve and whilst I’ve got the usual night before Christmas excitement for the next few days to come, I do also actually feel a little sad this evening too.

We’ve had the true ‘magic’ of Christmas in our adult lives for 15 years. 15 years of the Father Christmas/Santa magic since we were children ourselves.

Since we became parents 15 years ago the Christmas magic returned on a whole new level. It was just like it was as a child. The build-up throughout December, writing letters to Father Christmas/Santa, visiting the big man himself at some point during the month, scattering the special reindeer food on the lawn, the placing of the all-important snacks of cookies, milk, and carrot beside the Christmas tree on the little table ….

I’m sad because although Christmas will always be a wonderful time of the year, at some point the magic will be gone. When Lauren found out we still had Caiden to carry on the magic with and we’ve all been caught up with it playing up to it for him.

I think once he finds out that’ll be it. No more Father Christmas/Santa magic, no more letter writing, no more visits, no more sheer joy, and excitement.

Caiden has been beside himself today – he’s been SO excited. When I gave them their Christmas Eve boxes this afternoon I accidentally hit a bell bauble on the tree, it was so faint but he heard it. I can’t tell you what his face looked like. He actually thought it was the distant sound of the sleigh bells, it was so lovely to see. The same tonight when he was getting ready for bed. I lost count of the times he said how excited he was.

So yeah I’m a little bit sad tonight. I don’t know how much longer we have of this and I want it to last forever. The innocence of children at Christmas is priceless.


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