I’ve done quite a few previous posts all about Caiden on my blog from his last day at pre-school to his first day at school, school trips and milestones he’s reached etc, so this post is going to be all about Lauren. I think with her almost being 16 she’s less likely to want me to blog about her all the time anyway!

Lauren’s had quite a big year this past year. Back in June, she had her two weeks work experience – a chance to see what a day in the workplace was all about, in an area she might possibly be keen to venture into in years to come.

In September she entered her final year in school and joined Year 11. It’s a complete clique but I honestly don’t know where the years have gone. I still remember like it was yesterday stood in the hallway taking pictures of our tiny little 4-year-old girl in her uniform with a school bag on her back almost as big as her and the car journey we made that day taking her to school for the first time.  It’s flown by.

In December, she sat her Mock GCSE exams – a bit of a practice run for the real thing. She studied for weeks leading up and then sat her exams over 2 weeks and a few weeks ago we got her results, had her annual parents evening and a few days later she had her interview for 6th form.

School wise it’s such a big year for them, they have to take into account where they want to continue their education after year 11, decide on A Levels or college courses, apply for them and dip their feet into the world of interviews. Lauren has decided she would like to stay on at school for 6th form and she has two concrete A levels she would like to do and the third ones taking a bit of an extra time to decide. I think this final year really does hit home that the ‘real world’ isn’t too far away. When you’re little and in school you’re kind of in this little safe bubble, aren’t you? Then it gets to this stage where things start to change  … a lot. I have to say though that Lauren has dealt with it all very well. At parents recently we were told by various teachers how happy and positive Lauren is and what a joy she is to have around. She’s confident and outgoing and she is a pleasure to know. We were told by two different teachers how well we’ve done as a parents to raise such a lovely girl and that we must be very proud of her. Firstly of course we are, we are very proud of the lady she is turning into, but this parenting journey is a bloody tough one and to be told in a roundabout way we’re doing an ok job was nice to hear.

It’s not long until her 16th Birthday either and 16 is really the first big birthday isn’t it? Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve been parents for so long and being in sole charge of raising a human being for so many years.

The next few months will be tough going I reckon, the pressure on her for her exams is high, but I’m sure she’ll be fine. Once it’s all over she’ll have the longest summer she’ll ever have off – 11 weeks of freedom before she starts her new journey in September.


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