This morning marked the day for the sale of Michael McIntyre’s 2018 World Tour. I’m a big fan of him and I’ve been waiting for years for them to announce he’s was coming to our area (or somewhere that was easy to get to and not too far away).

Tickets went on sale at 10am  and both my sister and I were sat at the computer – her at her house on her computer and me at home on mine from 9.45 – the website page was all set and ready to go for 10.

Well …. those 10 minutes from 10 o’clock were so stressful!!!! I’ve never wanted to book something with such a high demand and seats were literally going before our eyes. As soon as we clicked on an available seat it was gone. We wanted 4 seats together as well so that was proving difficult.

Anyway, we finally managed to get 4 seats in an area we had last on our choice list and a different night to the one we had wanted BUT we’ve BOOKED. It’s not until March 2018 but I am already so excited. I find him hilarious and I reckon it’ll be so much better live.

In March of this year, Mr S and I went to see Jimmy Carr live. It was such a good night and being in the audience had a much, much better atmosphere than watching him on the telly!

Have you ever been to see Michael McIntyre live? Was it a good night?


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