Valentines Day to me is a couples ‘occasion’  It seems to over the years turned into much more of a family event. Growing up I never received a Valentine’s card from my parents and I never gave them one. Same as for now, we don’t get anything for Lauren and Caiden we just exchange cards between ourselves and I’ll possibly get a bunch of flowers and/or a box of chocolates. We don’t tend to go mad over Valentines by going out for a meal or celebrating it. When we first got together many years ago we did head out for dinner on Valentine’s day and it was the one and only time. It was so overcrowded and the restaurant had squeezed in as many tables as they could to maximise the night, we felt like we were sandwiched between two couples and no-one really spoke much for fear of everyone overhearing their conversation.

To me personally, it all become very commercialised. It’s just another event for shops to get on board with, starting weeks in advance selling all little bits of tat with slogans on trying to squeeze yet more money out of the consumer.

I also think it’s evolved over time from a ‘couples’ day to a ‘family/anyone you love’ kind of day too. It’s fine if you are one of those people but it’s really not me and the cynical person in me just thinks it’s just another gimmick.

You’re probably all thinking I’m moaning because the Mr has forgotten the day and I’ve not received anything, when in fact I did get a card, some gorgeous flowers and a box of my favorite chocolates. It’s just how I feel, everyone is different, it would be boring if we all felt the same … and the shops would hate it too 😉

Either way, however, you celebrate your valentines day I hope you all have a good one. If you are like me though do you think Valentine’s day has lost its real meaning and become too commercialised?  

Valentines Day.Valentines Day. Valentines Day.


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