Two Thousand & Twenty – A New Year and the start of a new decade. I do like the start of a new year. I don’t make any resolutions as such, but I do feel like it’s a fresh new book with 365 (or 366 this year) of empty blank pages for us to fill in and at the end of the year look back at our adventures, achievements, memories and just daily life of our year.

I added my 2019 highlights on Instagram and I really did enjoy going through a year of our photos to see what we got up to. Seeing when the seasons changed, where we went on days out, what milestones we’ve had and any travel we did. It’s amazing to see just how much we did get up to. Seeing the children on a day to day basis they don’t change much but when you look back over the year you can indeed see so many changes, from them getting taller, losing baby teeth, their faces changing and just looking older than they did 12 months previously.

2019 seemed to whizz by & I feel like I have neglected my blog and I wasn’t giving my all into my Instagram (how hard is it to grow on there!!!) so this year I am definitely going to put more effort in. I’m not going to put any pressure on saying I’m going to post X amount of posts per week or I am going to post about X, Y & Z, instead I’m going to just take it as it comes, but just be more regular and see if I can get my blogging & Instagram groove back. I must also try and learn more ‘behind the scenes’ a bit more too and try to get my head around the ins and outs of it all instead of wrecking my poor husbands head!

In a nutshell, 2019 saw us celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary, Lauren taking her GCSE’s and finishing school, having Prom and then starting sixth form. Caiden finished Year 1 and started in Year 2, he lost 4 baby teeth, had his room decorated and learnt how to ride his bike. We had a wedding anniversary trip to London and a family holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida which was AMAZING.

Like I said I make no resolutions as such but things I do want to do better at this year and things I would like to achieve are:

  • Drink more water – I badly need to do this.
  • Try to get into either swimming or cycling on my days off
  • Decorate at least Lauren’s bedroom, our lounge/dining room and the hallway (if we decorate more then great!)
  • Visit London at least twice for a weekend – we visit London fairly regularly – there’s always SO much stuff to do as a family and we love it – we only managed to go once last year.
  • Book our summer holiday and maybe another little sneaky extra one in somewhere.
  • Blog & Instagram more, put more effort in and try to increase my following.

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