As some of you may know we moved back to England in May of this year leaving My Mum & Step-Dad behind. Saying goodbye on the day we left was just awful, I still think back and remember those feelings & sadness like it was yesterday.

Today we’ve just had to do it all again. We have had them over to stay with us for the past 10 days and a few hours ago we stood at the bottom of the drive and waved them off …. they won’t both be back over together until Christmas now. That seems like ages away. So much time will have passed between now and then. My 2 year old will become 3, he will have grown up so so much and the difference in him will be huge. He changes and develops so much over a few days let alone months. My 12 year old will be almost a teenager and again more grown up than she is now.

I have loved having the company as well. They weren’t in with us all day everyday because they were out most days making the most of their break over but i’ll miss the company first thing in the morning when I get up with C. Mum has been getting up with us and we would sit and enjoy a cuppa & have a chat before the rest of the house showed signs of life. We would all then sit down and have breakfast together. I’ll miss the company in the evenings too.

C has been loving the attention of having his grandparents here. He’s had lots of giggles and he’s had someone giving him attention or playing with him almost constantly.

I just feel a bit empty I guess and the house feels very quiet. I doubt the goodbyes will ever get easier. I’ve always lived near to Mum so having her so far away isn’t something i’m used to.

We’ve had such fun these past 10 days and i’m sad it’s all over.


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