Last week was actually a really lovely week so I thought I would share it with you.

Monday – We still didn’t have a car so we spent the day just pottering round the garden – the weather was amazing. C had a music class in the morning and my sister come with us. When we got home we sat in the garden for a few hours with C in and out of his paddling pool.

Tuesday – We finally received our documents for the car. WOOHOO it’s now all official and registered on UK number plates. We didn’t have all the paperwork and number plates sorted until the afternoon so up until they arrived we spent more time in the garden enjoying the sunshine. It was so good though in the afternoon being able to pop out in the car for a drive – just to have the freedom finally to go out when we want is brilliant. It took almost 8 weeks to get it registered.

IMG_3841_2 IMG_3831_2



Wednesday – In the morning hubby had an appointment so we went along to that and afterwards we drove to the local shopping centre for a browse. The weather during the day was really warm and humid but it was a bit cloudy .. perfect time to shop 😉 Saying that come the afternoon/early evening the clouds shifted and the sun was soon shining again so the kids and I washed the car. They had great fun. For dinner we decided to have a BBQ – the first of many! I’ve really been enjoying a nice glass of lemonade, a few cubes of ice and some sliced strawberry this week – it’s so refreshing.


Thursday – C and I met a friend & her little girl for brunch on the beach. Despite the weather being a bit iffy with some rain on and off we had a lovely time – we went to Urban Reef down on the seafront. C and I both chose pancakes (which were delicious) and had a lovely chat and catch up. We didn’t do very much in the afternoon and again luckily the clouds shifted and the sun come out so it was decided we would go out for dinner … no cooking for me YAY.




Friday – In the morning we had a settling in session at C’s new pre-school – we popped along for an hour just for him to have a play and an explore so he’ll be a bit more familiar in September (or January, depending on when I decide to send him) Afterwards C was in need of a hair cut so we popped into a local town. He loves getting his hair cut and will sit in the chair so well. The weather was stunning all day so of course what did we do for dinner …. yep another BBQ – I could get used to this!



Saturday & Sunday – We had a throughly good weekend with lots of gorgeous weather – we spent the morning on Saturday at the shopping centre getting bits for L’s residential school trip next weekend and I also did the food shop then all afternoon & evening we spent round a friends house for dinner. Sunday we went to a nearby village to see the Annual Ferrari & Italian market, then spent the afternoon round a friends house in their garden. You can see a separate post here with lots of photos from the 2015 Ferrari & Italian market.


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