Stationary – who else gets excited over getting new stationary? I see it on social media all the time, people getting excited over new diaries, new notebooks, and new pens.

Being a blogger obviously your main use of equipment is a laptop, computer or phone, but behind the scenes, I rely a lot on stationary. I still prefer to jot down my to-do lists or take notes at events and conferences on a notepad. I use personal organisers to keep myself organised as well as use my phone diary. It’s almost like a little bit of a back up in case my phone goes missing or technology lets you down and decides to wipe clean your data (this happened to me recently!)

Being a blogger I have to make sure my invoices and accounts are in order for my accountant, so I find having some sort of filing equipment essential. That way it’s all kept together and in good order for when it comes to handing everything over to him each year.

Lauren is entering her final few weeks in year 10 and will soon be entering year 11 (wow!) Year 11 is the big year for GCSEs. Making sure she has the correct stationary for school is so important. They have pencil case checks every so often to make sure they have everything they need, so keeping her in fresh supplies is paramount. Getting organised for revision will be a big benefit to her, having a planning board on the wall in front of her desk would be handy so she can, at a glance see what’s going on, but to also have an academic diary (a diary that runs from July to August) will help her organise her study leave and exams once they come around, not forgetting those all important dates to visit prospective sixth forms and colleges.

I personally find time tight to spend days wandering around shops looking for everything we need and online shopping is so much easier. That’s why somewhere like Office Stationery is ideal. They have everything covered from pens and pencils, diaries and calendars, printing paper and ink, planning boards to whiteboards … they have pretty much everything you might need. They even have a range of office furniture and office chairs. With next day delivery and free delivery on orders over £40, why would I choose not to order online?

So come on, own up. Are you like me and gets excited about new stationery?

This post was in collaboration with Office Stationary.

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