4 years ago today we moved back home. Well technically it was yesterday we left Ireland but today marks the 4th Anniversary we got the keys and moved into to our home. I wrote this post for our 1 year anniversary and here I am now 3 more years on. Time flies huh?

They say home is where the heart is and that is most definitely true. Spending 8 years away it has made us (still) appreciate just where we live and we’re so grateful to be back.

It certainly wasn’t an easy decision to make to move home, simply because it meant leaving my parents behind with no real idea if they could do the same. However we were delighted they were able to, and in just under 2 years after we moved back, they did too.

These past few years have literally flown by. Lauren was only 12 when we moved back and she started 7 months into year 7 in her new school. Now she’s 16 and just about to sit her GCSE exams at the very end of her school journey! She’s changed and grown up so much.

Caiden was 2.5 years when we come back and since then he’s started and finished pre-school and he has started his primary school journey. He’s gone from being a toddler to a 6.5yr old little boy. It’s amazing how different both of them are in just a few short years.

One of the things we missed where we did live was a lack of things to do. We really struggled with this especially weekends and school holidays. Living where we do now we have so much to do, whether it be on our doorstep or a few hours drive away. So most weekends we’ll be out and about doing something and the school holidays are always packed with fun days out. We love it!

Moving back was by far the best decision we made. 4 years have flown by but at the same time, it feels like we’ve been back far longer.


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