Mothers Day… or Mothering Sunday was celebrated yesterday here in England. I’m sure mums up and down the Country were treated yesterday in one way or another and for those who didn’t … it’s just another day really isn’t it? Another celebration in the diary where shops and business can hike up prices for flowers and cards and make a fortune (yes I’m a bit cynical, I don’t believe you should be told to have a day to tell your Mum/loved ones you love them, do it every day!).

Anyway, I was treated to some lovely flowers and lots of my favourite chocolates. What more could I ask for? However this year something touched me, I had a little extra special gift and that gift meant so much in lots of different ways.

On Friday Caiden and the rest of his school had to take along £1 in change. Then each class (19 in total) would individually be taken into the hall at some point throughout the day to a ‘Mothers Day Sale’ All the children would have a chance to have a look at what was on offer and they could choose a gift for their loved one for Mothers Day.

It melts my heart the thought of my boy going in and choosing something for me all by himself. He came out of school on Friday absolutely beaming, clutching a carrier bag telling me I couldn’t look until Mothers Day! He was so excited. I think he felt so grown up that he made the decision himself and picked what he thought I would like.

I popped the present on the side when we got home and let’s just say it was tended to over the weekend so it would be kept safe and ‘alive’ so to speak.

Yesterday morning I was sat in bed and in came a very sleepy teenager and a beaming little boy. (What teen wants to be woken just after 8am on a Sunday morning to help an eagerly awaiting 5 year old who’s been up since half 6 to give Mummy her cards and presents!!)

They gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers, my favourite chocolates, and cards then, before he combust with excitement Caiden went off to get me his little present. He came in so excited handing it over. He knows I like flowers and plants and out of everything that was there he chose a lovely little Primrose plant.

Mothers Day.

It’s such a lovely thing for his school to do. I think it teaches them so much as well as being a nice thing to do. It teaches them about money, the value of items, it gives them responsibility, a chance to choose something for themselves and make a decision on what they think their Mum or loved one might like.

All of my presents meant a lot to me but there was something a little bit special about the plant. I will be able to transfer it outside once the weather is a little better and it shall continue to flourish.


We then spent the afternoon surrounded by family. We went over to my mums for dinner and my sister and her family where there too. I made us all sit down before we left for a photo. A mixture of Mums, Nannys, Daughters, Sisters, Aunties, Sons and Nephews.  It’s one to treasure and definitely add to the wall of framed photos.

Mothers Day.

Did you have a nice Mothers Day?




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