Ok, i’ve had enough. I want my car back now. We have been without it for about 6 weeks now ….. 6 loooong weeks.

We bought our car over with us when we moved and obviously we have had to get it registered here in England. I know it has to be done but it’s taking soooooooo long.

We’ve had to send off so many forms to lots of different places and some bits have come back saying they want more evidence blah blah.

Every day I sit waiting on the post arriving with a small glimmer of hope my postie will arrive with my precious new number plate  ….. but as of yet i’ve still not got it.

It’s been a tough old week as well having to get taxi’s to A&E for my poor husband to get his leg looked at … we couldn’t really have got a bus when he couldn’t walk on it. Lugging C’s car-seat round the hospital was a delight as well! Those things are so big, bulky & heavy, but of course his safety comes first and I wasn’t going to get in a vehicle with him, without his car-seat.

So please please can we have our new number plate soon – I really miss my car and having the freedom to pop out when I feel like it – I miss being able to do my weekly shopping and having a browse around the aisles, internet shopping is ok and very handy but it’s not like being able to have a look yourself is it? Plus we’ve just moved to a new area and i’m eager to get C out to new groups and clubs with him. We’re getting a big bored now.


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