It’s been a bit of a while since I last posted so I thought it was a pretty good time to have a bit of a catch-up.

The last few weeks have been a bit busy with a change in my work schedule, settling back into school after the summer holidays, having half-term, Halloween and just general life!

For the past (almost 3 years I’ve been working evenings, it allowed me to be at home during the day with Caiden whilst he was small and only at pre-school for a few hours a week and once Mr. S was home in the evening I would then go out and do a few hours a few nights a week. It was fine to start with but a few months ago they started to take its toll. I didn’t want to leave because I actually quite like my little job but the evenings were becoming a bit harder for me. When we didn’t have the school mornings to deal with getting in not long before midnight and getting to bed so late wasn’t really an issue. We didn’t have to really get up and rush about the next morning. Caiden’s pre-school sessions were either in the afternoons or the morning after the night I didn’t work. Our groups were a little later in the morning allowing me to take things a bit slower after a late night the night before.

When Caiden started school last year things were different – getting to bed so late and getting up for the school morning routine was ok, to begin with, but over time I just had enough. It also seemed silly to me being around all day with both kids in school and being out of an evening when everyone was home and I was missing out on the evening routine. So I approached my line manager and I have now swapped my shifts to working during the day. It’s SO much better, I enjoy work now so much more because the atmosphere and job is different in the day . I get to do the school drop off in the morning, I go to work for a few hours and finish in time for the school pick up again with 2 days off in the week to catch up on life admin (and my blog of course now I’m into a routine of things) It’s a much better work/life balance for me which is great.

Caiden is now into Year 1! I can’t believe how fast his first year in school went. We have had a few wobbles this term with him getting used to being back in school. For th whole of Reception and the first half a term into year 1 parents were allowed to take their children into the class every morning and help them with their jobs (hanging up coats, choosing lunches, putting their book bags away etc) and as nice as this was it definitely made the transition to him going in alone just before this half term so much harder than if we were only allowed into their classrooms for the first few weeks of their reception year! But I think he has finally cracked it! He now goes in, in the morning on his own. The tears have stopped and he now waves with a big smile when he gets round to his classroom through the window. I never thought I’d see the day if I’m honest. He’s doing so well in school. His reading literally amazes me, I can’t believe the level of books he’s on and some of the words he reads just astounds me. We have parents evening coming up in a few weeks and I can’t wait to go and hear how he’s getting on. I’ll update a do a post after parents evening. It’s nice to document and have to look back on.

Lauren has now gone into Year 11 – the big final year in school and the big year of her GCSE’s. How is it possible that the little timid girl who started school at 4yrs 6 months is now in her final year and getting ready to sit some of the most important exams of her life! We’ve had Sixth form open evenings recently and I can’t quite believe we’re almost at this next journey with her already. I must admit I do feel sorry for them all, I wouldn’t want to be back at that stage again and GCSEs seem SO much harder than when I took them. There is so much pressure on youngsters these days. I’m also sad for her it’s her final year in school. She has absolutely adored her secondary school journey and I’m gutted for her it’s all going to change.

Seeing as we’re now into November Christmas shopping has begun – have you made a start yet? I love Christmas so much. It’s definitely one of my favourite times of the year.

I think that’s it all pretty much summed up into a post. I am going to get on top of all my posts I have to do over the next few weeks now that this new work/life balance is in place and the kids are back to school.


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