With Summer finally approaching it’s made me think about how best I can ensure my car is safe during the summer months after the long winter we seem to have had. The heat of the summer sun can see lots of cars on the road, meaning you will be doing lots of stop/starting in heavy traffic, the summer dust and the heat itself can take its toll on your car. You can reduce any possible failures by ensuring your car well prepared. Here are 5 tips to follow to get your car summer ready.


Check the condition of your tires. Inspect them for thread life, and uneven wearing, cuts and nicks. Your tire pressure should be checked once a month and if your car tends to pull to one side you must get the alignment checked.


Check your breaks. No doubt you will be doing lots of breaking in traffic in the summer so you will need your breaks to be in tip-top condition. Brake pads can suffer from climate and temperature changes and deep puddles you may have gone through in the winter. Frost can also have a big impact on your brakes, so get them checked before the season changes.


Is your car up to date with a valid MOT? An MOT test is required on all vehicles to make sure it is safe and roadworthy. Your car is required to have an MOT after it’s 3rd year anniversary and then yearly after that. You can be fined up to £1000 if you are found not to have a valid MOT certificate. Book your MOT online with KAP Motor Group Folkstone Garage.

Air Conditioning Unit:

Air conditioning units not working properly can fail in hot weather. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic, in the sun without your air conditioning. Make sure the filters are clean and clear.

Engine Cooling System:

One of the biggest causes of breakdowns in the summer is a car engine overheating. A car cooling system should be flushed and replaced around every 2 years. The level of the coolant should be checked often and a mixture of 50/50 of antifreeze and water is recommended. Never remove the cap until the engine is fully cooled.

Doing these simple checks can help massively for you and your car. So before the warmer weather sets in, make sure your car is safe and summer ready.

*Disclaimer – This post was a collaboration with KAP Motor Group.


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