Today the weather has been absolutely stunning – the sun has been shining & the skies are blue. It’s been that nice out I have spent quite a bit of time outside today just sitting and enjoying the warmth from the sun and admiring my garden.


I totally adore it and I can’t wait until the better weather is here to stay. I’ve got dreams of a nice long summer of fun, playing with the kids in the garden, having friends round and BBQs. I also can’t wait for their Easter Egg hunt in a few weeks – there are so many nooks and crannies to the garden that will make any Easter Egg hunt a good one.

It’s every 3 year old dream to have a garden with so many places to run and hide.





There is already pockets of colour popping up and in a few weeks the whole garden will be awash with colour and flowers.



It’s so calm out there and the only noises you can hear are the wildlife – we can’t hear any noise pollution which is such a bonus. We can quite often hear an owl in the evening in the trees at the back and today I have heard a few woodpeckers as well.

Bring on the Spring & Summer …. 🙂



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  1. What a beautiful garden you have! So big and sunny 🙂 We’re moving soon and I’m very excited as our new garden is a lot bigger than our current one, so I love looking at other gardens for inspiration.

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