It’s getting so close to us going now I thought I would start a little Disneyland Paris series for you. I’ll share who we chose to book with, what kind of package we picked, and things like what we are planning on packing due to us visiting in the colder months.

You may or may not know from my blog I’m a huge Disney fan ….. well we all are. Ever since my very first visit to the magic when I was 9. I have been to Disney in Paris once when I was 14 and a lot has changed since then. They have two parks now as well as the Disney Village and the packages themselves have changed a lot too.

Who we booked our holiday with:

We booked our holiday through Disney themselves. I was browsing the internet once night back in October of last year and an advert flashed up in the right hand corner of my screen. I found myself on the Disney Holidays website and played around with different dates. Before I knew it the next day we were all booked up and I totally surprised Mr S and the kids when I told them of my surprise.

Our Package:

We are going for 5 nights staying in the Santa Fe hotel and we have a 6-day pass to both Disney parks. Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios Park. We also opted to add on a meal plan to our holiday. I looked into this for weeks, trying to work out what would suit our family best, what restaurants each meal plan offered, I finally decided to opt for the Standard Half Board. This would give us a choice of 7 restaurants to choose from and seeing as we would only be there for 5 evening meals times, we thought that was enough choice for us. Breakfast is included in our hotel as park of the package so we haven’t paid any extra for that, however that is all changing in March 2017. I’ll explain more about this in another blog post.

Travel Arrangements:

Included in our package we had a free P&O ferry crossing. We would drive the car to the port here in the UK, board the boat for 90 minutes and then drive in France for a further 3 hours to Disney.

Being that we are travelling in February and unsure what the weather would be like for driving and boat crossing conditions we decided to book flights instead. We will be travelling from London Gatwick to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. We’ll then get transfers once we land to our hotel.

As part of my Disneyland series, I will do post on booking a holiday to Disneyland Paris. Just to help you out if you are planning a holiday there at some point. If you’ve not done it before it can all get a bit confusing and overwhelming not knowing what to choose and what might suit your families needs best.


Have you been to Disneyland Paris before or are you planning a trip there sometime in the future?




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