I thought I would do a little throwback series for the next few weeks re-capping our holiday to Disney World in Florida. At the time of going I kept a daily blog which was only ever used for that holiday and i’m so pleased I did. Every night I would sit down and document what we had done each day even down to what kind of weather we had. I love reading it back every so often reliving the memories.

Day one was all about the day before we flew to Orlando – we travelled to a Travelodge based in the airport in Dublin so we were all set and ready to go the morning we flew out.

It’ll be five years ago we went (funnily enough the exact days as we are on now due to the leap year) and re-capping these memories seems quite apt for us and this blog at the moment.

Day One – Travelling to Dublin (Monday 7th November 2011):

It’s here – we’re flying to Disney tomorrow :o)

We’ve headed to Dublin tonight so we can stay in the Travelodge near the airport so in the morning we can head over without the hassle of a 2hr drive first.
The travelodge is ok we much preferred staying in the Premier Inn last month whilst we were in Manchester but hey it’s for one night and not just any night … it’s the one before Florida 😀
So we’re all packed, have all the tickets and passports, everything is on charge as I type so we’re ready.
Lauren is “trying” to go to sleep – without much luck atm, but i’m sure she will eventually.
So I guess my next post shall be when we’re there. Just hope the flight goes pretty quickly, we have plenty to keep us entertained and just incase we don’t like the films i’ll have my laptop with me and Lauren & I can watch some films I packed.
I’m setting the alarm for 6.30am – enough time to get ready, have breakfast and head over to park the car in the airport before check in at 9.30 am for the 12.30 flight.
Coming up next – travel day.

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