Smear Tests


Cervical Screening at lowest in 19 years! It was in the news last week that cervical screening/Smear tests are at a 19 (!!) year low. Back in 2009 Jade Goody lost her life aged just 27 to cervical cancer. Her cancer battle prompted a huge campaign and awareness of the importance of girls getting having their smear tests and, as a result, figures showed an increase in the numbers of girls attending their appointments. It’s so sad that just  8 years down the line ‘The Jade Goody Effect’ is no longer working and numbers have dropped … massively. It’s been reported that 1.2 million women are failing to get their tests done. Honestly, it’s something that takes a few minutes. Yes, some people might think it’s embarrassing or a little uncomfortable but surely that’s better than the alternative? It’ll be 8 years in April a group of us lost a dear…