Kidzania London

We visited Kidzania London last weekend for a Birthday treat for C. He was 5 on the Wednesday and seeing as it was his first week at school we decided to make it a nice weekend.

Kidzania London is situated in Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd Bush. We’ve never been but I have heard lots about it.

Kidaznia is basically an indoor city, just for kids. They have the opportunity to experience various different jobs and careers to earn money, have the chance to spend their earnings on fun activities or to open a bank account to save their cash.

Kidzania is pretty easy to find. Westfield is a huge shopping centre and Kidznia is situated on the first floor by Marks & Spencers. When you arrive there is a desk opposite where you hand in your confirmation. I also assume you can buy tickets there as well, as long as they had spaces for the timeslot you wanted that day. We had pre-booked our day and time slot.

You are given tickets that are like pretend plane boarding tickets. It has your name, date and time slot and various other details to mimic an actual boarding ticket. You then take your boarding tickets over to the main entrance and you are directed to the elevators and told to go to level three to the departure area.

Kidzania London

Kidzania London

I honestly didn’t know what to expect despite watching the official kidzania video on their website but I was really very impressed when we arrived at the ‘airport’

Kidzania London

Kidzania London

Kidzania London

Kidzania LondonWhen it was our turn to ‘check in’ we handed over our boarding passes and just like real life they tore the stub off and handed us back the main ticket. We were then also given our security RFID bracelet which are really detailed. The bands were all scanned to link us all together as a family. They would alarm if either of the children walked out of the city and only one parent could leave at any time, one had to stay on site – again it would have alarmed if both parents tried to leave. This allows your children to have the freedom if they are a little older to explore the city and the activities themselves whilst Mum, Dad/Carer sat in the various cafe areas inside. They had to also be removed once our session was over a little like a shop removes a clothing label with a magnet. So kids can’t remove them themselves.

We were also given a brief seeing as we have never visited before explaining how Kidzania works. Both children were handed a health and safety hair net which they had to use on activities that required them to wear headgear and they were also issued with their Kidzo’s. Kidzo is Kidzania’s currency. They were each issued with 50 kidzo’s.




Kidzania London


These can be used to pay for certain activities, you can earn more Kidzo’s from doing various jobs in the workplace or they can choose to open a Kidzania bank account and save their money (if they have a minimum of 75 Kidzo’s) and they can leave their savings in the bank to earn interest between visits. There is also a shop where they can buy small items using their Kidzo’s on the way out I believe – we didn’t do this though.

Each activity or job has an allocated amount of children allowed into each session. It’s clearly posted outside each door with the capacity of children allowed in, the amount of Kidzo’s it’ll cost or how much you’ll earn and how long each session takes. We did visit on a Saturday and sometimes we found we had to queue for more than 20 minutes for certain activities. A few times C left the queue he was in purely because he didn’t want to stand around. We all found it pretty exhausting by the end of the 4 hours with all the standing around we did.

C first opted to be a firefighter. Once it was his turn after queuing his group were all taken into the fire station for a briefing before they got called out on a ‘job’ To get to their call out they went in an actual moving fire engine. Parents were able to follow behind so we could be with them or if your children are older you can let them go off on their own.

He was taken to a place over the other side of the city where a hotel was on fire. There were also two other activity groups attending the scene too (paramedics and police) and the area was cordoned off. C and his team had to put the fire out while the paramedics paid attention to any causalities and the police made sure no-one crossed the barrier until it was safe to do so.

There were special effects to make it as real as possible with mini explosion noises and fire crackles. They also had really water hoses to put the ‘fire’ out with. C had a great time.

Kidzania London
Kidzania LondonKidzania LondonKidzania LondonNext up he chose to be a paramedic. It was a similar activity to being a firefighter – he was in a set up a bit like an A&E department – they sat and had a briefing after putting on the uniform and then had a call out – this time they went in an ambulance to the same area he went to as a firefighter only this time he was treating any causalities. At the end of his session, he was paid a wage for his work.

Kidzania LondonHe then queued up to be a shop assistant in the supermarket but he got bored of queuing because it was quite a long queue, so instead he had a go on the climbing wall. This being a fun activity obviously cost him some kidzo’sKidzania LondonKidzania LondonThe next activity he chose was to be a dentist. He earned kidzo’s from doing this and the room looked really authentic!

Kidzania LondonNext up he tried his hand at being a surgeon. He was the only one in the queue so he had the whole activity to himself! His patient needed a liver transplant, he had to put them to sleep and then using the theatre tools he had to perform a transplant.

Kidzania London

Kidzania London

Kidzania LondonLastly, he was a vet with the PDSA. Here he had to help operate on a poorly dog.

Kidzania London

Kidzania is aimed at children aged 4-14 years and although L was within that bracket she actually didn’t want to do anything once she was in there. She felt too self-conscious being that much older so next time I will just put her down as an adult (if we return before she’s 15 that is) Having said that C doubled his money by having L’s.

We had a great time, even just as an adult watching your little ones enjoy the different experiences. We will definitely like to return again one day and perhaps it’ll give C a chance to explore different jobs next time.




Beets Blu – A Heart Rate Monitor Review

Beets Blu –  A Heart Rate Monitor Review

I was recently contacted from a company called Beets Blu asking if I would like to review their heart rate monitor. Seeing as Mr S is a Plasterer I thought he would be the prefect candidate to review this. Plastering is a very physical job, working at a continuous pace for several hours, so I thought it would be a good exercise in monitoring his heart rate over a long period. The day he reviewed the monitor was a particularly busy and strenuous day.

First of all the monitor comes with a strap which you attach to your chest, to pick up your heart rate. The data is then directly transmitted via bluetooth through bluetooth smart wireless technology to a variety of devices, which collates data to a variety of apps on your smartphone. You can check here to see if your device is compatible and also the range apps so you can see your results.

Beets Blu a heart rate monitor review
This is what is included in the box.

Getting Started

To get started, the strap is fully adjustable, so adjust it to a length that feels comfortable for you whilst wearing the device. You can then attach the device by using the poppers shown in the photo below.
Beets Blu a heart rate monitor review Beets Blu A Heart Rate Monitor Review

It is advisable to slightly wet the electrodes prior to making contact with the skin, the device will only work once it is connected to the electrodes and they are in contact with your skin.

Mr S found the strap to be somewhat uncomfortable to wear around the chest. Being a plasterer requires plenty of movement with your arms and shoulders and this caused the strap to rub against the skin. He did find wearing it slightly lower (just below the chest & above the stomach) was far more comfortable though, and he was still able to get a continuous accurate reading.

As I mentioned there are alot of different apps you can use with the monitor. For the purpose of this review Mr S downloaded the ‘BB Utility’ app. To get started it asks you to enter if you are male or female, your height what you weigh in kgs.

Beets Blu - A Heart Rate Monitor Review


Beets Blu - A Heart Rate Monitor Review


The Beets Blu App doesn’t offer any more information other than the current heart rate and offers no graph or hindsight records of what has been recorded. This doesn’t matter though as plenty of other third party apps for both iPhone and Android which connect to the device allow you to record your activity offering much more important analysis and information from your workout including Apple’s health kit when using iPhone.

In summary, the device seems consistent and accurate and in conjunction with all the other third party apps that you can use to collate the information should be suitable for most people’s needs.

*Disclaimer – I was sent this Heart Monitor for the purpose of this review, however this is an honest review, all thoughts are my own and they are a true reflection of what I think.



Mothercare Boys Clothing Review

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review

I was recently contacted to ask if C & I would like some clothes from the MotherCare website for a Mothercare boys clothing review. I was given a set budget and honestly thought I would just about manage one or two items of boys clothing for the price. Surprisingly having always assumed Mothercare clothing was on the more expensive side, I was really delighted to be able to receive an entire summer outfit for him. Whilst I was browsing their site, I noticed a variety of clothing that I liked and would happily have chosen. I had been wrong about their prices – Mothercare clothing is really affordable and attractive looking clothes too.

Delivery didn’t take long incidentally and I received the items via a courier one evening. I was keen to get them unwrapped to see the clothing and assess the quality. Inside the parcel I discovered the items individually covered in plastic and on their hangers (super handy to have extra coat hangers for the wardrobe)

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review
Mother Care Boy’s Clothes Review


I received a hooded jumper in age 4 – 5 which retails at £13.00.

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review
Mothercare boy’s hooded jumper
Mothercare Boys Clothing Review
Mothercare Boy’s clothing

Beach Sublimation Print T-Shirt in age 4-5 which retails at £6.00

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review
Mothercare T-shirt


Lastly a pair of cargo shorts in age 4-5 which retails at £10.00.

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review
Mothercare Cargo Shorts

First of all the hooded jumper is perfect for the summer months because it’s not too thick. On a cooler day or even a summer evening it would be perfect to accompany any outfit.

In addition the t-shirt is C’s favourite – he’s a big lover of the beach so to have surf boards on the front and back makes him super happy. Furthermore the colours really accompany each other well.

Finally the shorts are really lovely – they have an elasticated waist and even though C isn’t 4 until September these fit him perfectly. I normally go for trousers or shorts with an adjustable waist however the cargo shorts don’t come with one. Instead the elasticated top they do come with helps make a snug and adjustable fit. There are two pockets on the sides with nice brown buttons to give the shorts a bit of character. Additionally what I do like about the shorts is that there are no buttons to do up on the waist, there is a little button for detail but you don’t have to use it to wear them. In summary this is Ideal for a little boy who likes to dress himself and is very independent on the toilet.

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review

I had a very willing model to show them all off perfectly.

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review

Mothercare clothing for boys

Mothercare Boys Clothing Review



I am really pleased with everything we received. Clothes shopping in Mothercare is definitely something I will be doing in the future.

*Disclaimer – We were sent these clothes in exchange for an honest Mothercare Boys Clothing review. All thoughts are my own and they are a true reflection of what I think.


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Mr Nutcase Personalised iPhone 6 Case Review

Pic Monkey1


I’ve had my iPhone 6 for just a little over a year now and up until recently I have never had a case for it. I use my phone all the time and although I was super careful with it, I was always worried I would scratch or damage it by mistake.

When Mr Nutcase asked me if I would like to review one of their personalised iPhone 6 phone cases I was delighted. Not only for the fact I could keep my phone safe but I could choose the design myself and personalise it to how I wanted.

I found their website really easy to navigate and really easy to use. The process was step by step and I didn’t have any problems finding my way around. Once I found the section for iPhone 6’s, I chose the ‘Full Wrap Around Premium Edition’ case. The next step was to choose the type of layout I wanted for my case & to then upload the photos I wanted to use. I was able to upload them direct from my laptop, Facebook or Instagram. I could add text, clipart or add colours to the background as well. At each stage of adding something I was able to see what it was going to look like, giving me some sort of idea wether I wanted to add or take anything away.

Mr NutCaseMr NutCase1


Once I was happy with my design, I clicked on the ‘buy’ button which enabled me to preview the case, rotating it so I could see all of the sides & to make sure I was happy before I went ahead to purchase.

Mr NutCase2

You are able to pay for your case either by card or Paypal, and this particular case had free delivery. Once I had placed my order I was impressed with how quickly it took to arrive.

When my case arrived, I was very impressed at the quality of the printing. The photo had printed out really well and the colours were perfect. I also liked the way it fits nice and securely to my phone which is a relief because i’m not worried about it slipping off.

I have been using the case for a while now and it’s daily in and out of my bag or my pocket and i’m still impressed at how good the case looks. There isn’t any light scratches or marks on there at all. It’s a strong sturdy case with no chances of it bending or breaking.





I will definitely be purchasing products from Mr Nutcase in the future, seeing as we all have phones in our house & because they also offer a range of other personalised products as well such as mugs and laptop cases.

*Disclaimer I was sent this phone case for the purpose of this review, however all the opinions, words and pictures are my own. The full wrap around premium edition case retails at £19.95.