Marwell Park


We were thrilled to be invited along to experience Christmas at Marwell recently. The day before our arrival the kids were really excited when we received an email from the elves at Marwell the night before our arrival with a special poem: ONE MORE SLEEP For Christmas as Marwell there’s one more sleep A special memory to treasure and keep Whilst in bed I mustn’t peep I’ll close my eyes and start counting sheep And when I wake we’ll make our way To Marwell Zoo for a fabulous day Meerkats squeek and penguins bray I wonder what dear Santa will say … C wanted to wear his Elf Christmas jumper & Santa hat. He also chose Elf to come along with us for the day. So all wrapped up with our scarfs, hats and gloves we headed off. Our time slot to see Santa wasn’t until 14.45 but we had…