Paultons Park Family Theme Park – Review

We are so lucky only living 30 minutes drive away from the UK’s number one family theme park. Paultons Park family theme park is situated near Romsey in Hampshire. With 0ver 70 attractions it is also the home of the Worlds only Peppa Pig World.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park is opened from February through to the middle of November. Paultons Park then operates their Christmas themed event from the middle of November until the end of December. All of their opening times can be found on their website.

On arrival, you will notice there is plenty of parking and after a short walk, you will come to the main entrance where you will find toilets, the tickets booths and the turnstiles to enter Paultons.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Once you’re through the turnstiles you will be in the main entrance to the park. On the right is their main restaurant ‘The Wild Forest’ and to your right is the Big Toy Shop (which also leads to the exit and the car-parks)

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

After you walk through the entrance you enter the courtyard and to the left if the information centre where you can purchase season tickets, hire strollers and have any questions answered if you have any. It’s also a good idea to ask here where the ‘lost and found’ is situated. They offer labels for you to stick to your child with a contact number should you become in the unfortunate position of loosing a little one during the day.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

The Courtyard then leads you off to different parts of the park for your day of fun.

Paultons is a family focused park allowing family members as small as pre-walkers right through to teens and above to enjoy the day out. I have L who is 14 and C who is 4 and both of them really enjoy having a day out here. There is plenty to do for all ages and we can easily be in the park from opening until closing and sometimes still never get round to see everything – there’s so much to do.

There are three main areas to Paultons Park – there, of course, is the most famous Peppa Pig World, then there is the Lost Kingdom and lastly Critters Creek.

Lost Kingdom was only opened in 2016 and I can honestly say being regular visitors over the past few years we were really blown away when we visited the Lost Kingdom for the first time. This dinosaur themed land has amazing 3d theming and animatronics with music playing to suit the theme. We were really impressed with ‘Alive’ which was home to a rather scary looking friend!

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme ParkPaultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - ReviewPaultons Park Family Theme ParkPaultons Park Family Theme Park

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

C’s favourite ride in the Lost Kingdom is by far The Flight of the Pterosaur. It’s the only leg suspended coaster in the park. He’s such a daredevil.

One thing I noticed was how many toilets were positioned around the park. You don’t have to ever walk very far to find one and also the same for food huts. Perfect for a drink, snack or an ice-cream on the go.

Critter Creek is a really colourful themed area with plenty to do for all ages. There is the family roller coaster ‘Cat-O-Pillar or for the smaller members of the family they can always jump on Professor Blasts Expedition Express. I went on this recently with my nephew and I couldn’t help but admire how well the gardens are kept and how pretty all the colours of the flowers are that are planted. All over the park the gardens everywhere are really well looked after making the walk round to each area a really pleasant one.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

I was there today and since my last visit, they have welcomed some new Japanese Gardens. It makes a lovely edition to the park and somewhere to have a little stroll though on the way to seek out our next adventure.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review


Peppa Pig World is a whole entire section over one side of the park and for that reason I have decided to do a separate post on this.

Other than the three main themed areas there are lots of other rides in the park. They have a beautiful traditional carousel, the wave runner (featuring a dingy boat and water), a pirate ship, the raging river log flume …. this will most definitely leave you wet, the edge, the Cobra, Sky Swinger and many many more. You can check out all the rides and attractions on their website.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review


If you happen to be visiting the park during the summer they currently have a live beach themed show running every day and different intervals. It’ll be worth checking the website or at the information points in the park to check out the times when you visit.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

We found it a perfect time to lay out the picnic blanket to haver some lunch whilst we watched the show. The kids loved having a bit of entertainment keeping them occupied whilst they ate. It’s very interactive with characters, lots of music and dancing. It’s fun for everyone.

Here is C today having a photo with Manta.


Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

If you are interested in the history begins Paultons Park there are several posters around the park with lots ion history information – certain dates and photos are all added. Also if you have time take a walk to the Paultons water mill. It’s worth the lovely walk across the lake.



Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review


It’s not only just rides and attractions Paultons have to offer – there are lots of bird aviaries, home to many different types of birds and prey, penguins where at certain times of the day you can sit and watch them being fed, giant tortoises .. just to name a few.

I could literally go on all day about Paultons Park – we have loved visiting here yearly and C & I now have season tickets so we’re making the most of going as often as we can before he starts school. We’re making the most of the low term time queues. I highly recommend a day out here. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure.

Even on the way out through the shop, the theming doesn’t disappoint.

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review

Paultons Park Family Theme Park - Review






Easter 2017

Easter Weekend …. a 4-day break that everyone looks forward to right?

Hmm, not us exactly. We only had the one day as a family to enjoy the ‘Easter Weekend’ Mr S worked all day Friday, most of Saturday and he’s back to work all day today. I worked Friday night (8-midnight) and I will also be working the same tonight too.

But that’s just how it is sometimes, isn’t it? What can you do? We did have a lovely day yesterday though.

L is away with friends for the weekend so we only had C. The weather has been so lovely recently. Saturday afternoon we took C & the dog for a walk along the beach. C had his scooter and scootered along the promenade and we ate ice-creams. Obviously, he wanted to go down to ‘look’ at the sea which 100% resulted in him getting completely soaked and having to sit in just his pants and a t-shirt in the car on the way home … but isn’t that what it’s all about?

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017


Yesterday started the day with a small egg hunt around the house for C. He loved searching out places for those little shiny foil wrapped chocolate eggs. We then spent the morning walking the dog around our local meadows & generally being in the garden enjoying the lovely weather.

We had some family around in the afternoon (my sister, brother in law & nephew) for a BBQ, and of course, I kept the bigger egg hunt for when they were here, especially seeing as it would have been my nephew’s first one. Our garden has to be the best for egg hunts Not just becaise of the size of it but because it has lots of different paths and nooks and crannies just like you would find in the woods. I picked up a super cute Easter Egg hunt pack from Poundland with little cardboard bunny paw prints, arrows and eggs – for a £1 I was amazed at how good it was. I was able to pop them on the grass leading the way to those all important eggs!

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Easter 2017

We still have another week of the Easter holidays so here’s to another week of no routine and days out.

What did you all get up to over the Easter weekend?





Goodbye February ….



Hello to a new month! March … a month where I will become a Mum to a Teenager (OMG). That’s right L’s Birthday is at the end of the month and she will be 13. March will also see Mothering Sunday & Easter. I can see March being a busy month with hopefully lots of lovely sunny Spring weather. My Mum is also due to visit at the end of the month too so I am really looking forward to that too.

February has been a good month … work for S has really picked up and taken off. C had his first visit to the dentist, he was so good and didn’t fear it at all. We met with friends, we fed ducks, we jumped in muddy puddles and played in the garden in the nicer weather. This last week hasn’t been too much fun for C & I because we’ve been struck down with some sort of virus but thankfully we are both much better now.

Here are a just few pictures of things we got up to during February.

Feb Collage 2



It’s My Birthday …..

……. and i’ll blog if I want to!



The 18th August has been an iconic date my entire life. As a child I would be waiting patiently and excitedly leading up to this date – the weeks and days beforehand would drag. It felt like it would never arrive the day beforehand! Time went so slow.

I would wake up on the 18th, full of beans and excitement for the day ahead. We would always go somewhere on my Birthday as a child and I would always have a party on the day itself if not a few days later.

I would wake up to (in my eyes) loads of presents and my mantle piece would be adorned with cards from family and friends from far and wide. The phone would start ringing from early morning until late into the evening with well wishers ringing to wish me a Happy Birthday – no on ever bothered to answer the phone on my Birthday because it would always be for me anyway.

We had lots of family living away from us when I was little but someone would always make the journey down to stay with us a couple of days beforehand and somehow it felt like my Birthday was extended, especially if I had a party a few days later.

Fast forward to today … it’s still my Birthday but these days they feel so very different. As a busy parent the days certainly don’t drag in the lead up to today (there’s always something keeping my busy) and I don’t get those ‘excited’ moments knowing my Birthday is approaching.

When the day arrives I get up to my presents, flowers and chocolates from the kids and the hubby and their cards – I love opening their cards to see their messages & bright colouring in or pictures they’ve drawn for me.

But this is where it’s different …. Birthdays as no longer as they used to be, they’re not like how I remember they were.

I have presents and cards from my Mum & Sister (obviously my Step-Dad & Brother in Law too) but that’s is ….. I don’t have any other family left. It’s really quite sad actually and today I was sat reflecting, looking over at the mantle piece at the handful of cards I had received. I have no-one left to receive cards from. The phone doesn’t ring apart from my Mum …. there’s no-one else to call me. These days I have to be the one to make the calls to the handful of people to say ‘Thank you for my card” ….. It used to be the other way around. I would get the ‘Happy Birthday’ phone call where I would then thank them for sending me a card.

The day almost passes without much of a different feeling to all the other days in my week. As a child the day would be all about me but these days I have my children still to think about – they still need looking after and they still need their dinner cooked. Being a child you could just do what you want, play with your new toys or whatever and not worry about doing mundane things.

Today will be the first time in 34 years i’ve not seen my Mum on my Birthday too. That feels like somewhat a big achievement to get to this age and to have seen her for every single one of my Birthdays yet today that has been broken.

Aside from all of the above a big difference from then to now is social network …. Every year on facebook/twitter/instagram I am showered with messages and love. Something you definitely didn’t get when I was younger. I get messages from people i’ve never even met before and from people who i’ve not seen in years, so that is really lovely.

Anyway i’m off to make my phone calls thanking people for my cards. Sad that I don’t get to speak to people who are no longer with me … people who I miss calling me up on my Birthday wishing me a lovely day – just to hear their voices again would be a present in itself.

That said I do get all that excitement like I did all those years ago as it approaches either L or C’s Birthdays.

Our Weekend

We’ve had a really lovely weekend, both days have been absolutely stunning weather wise. We’ve had lots of sunshine and clear blue skies which after last week it’s been very nice.

On Saturday (1st August) we went crab fishing. We drove to our local Quay which is only about 10 minutes away and as we arrived we noticed they had a mini craft festival there for the weekend.

I used to go here crab fishing loads when I was little. I’ve got lots of memories of being there with friends catching crabs and then releasing them back into the water when we were finished. I was excited to be taking both the kids and although we did take L a few years back when we were over for a holiday, this time they could both join in because C was only 10 months old the last time.

I was a bit nervous of how C would be because I had visions of him wanting to hang too far over the edge but he was actually ok. He was really happy to stand there with the net ready to catch any crabs we pulled up with our lines.

We stayed for a bit fishing before we headed off for an ice-cream for the kiddies and a hot-chocolate & coffee us and made our way round the little craft fair.

Before he headed home I took C into the little play park that was also on the Quay & Hubby & L went back to have another go catching a few more crabs.

I’m afraid there are going to be a lot of photos in this post 😉

IMG_4395_2 IMG_4398 IMG_4400 IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4414 IMG_4451 IMG_4452

































On Sunday (2nd August) there was a family fun day being held locally so we went along to have a look. The weather again was just amazing. There were plenty of things to do for all ages and lots of stalls to look around. The best bit being for C was the local Fire Brigade had a fire engine there. C is Fireman Sam obsessed at the minute so he was in awe of it. They were allowing people to sit in there and try out some of the equipment … he even got to turn the hose on! Seeing his little face getting to experience something he adores so much was just amazing.

We took a picnic with us so after a walk around we found a spot to sit at and enjoyed the sun and some yummy cupcakes we bought from a stall holder.



Kids corner 4_zpsttj55osm

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Goodbye July …


I honestly can’t believe we’re into August already. This year seems to be flying by. It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago we had Christmas.

For us in July it saw L complete her time in year 7, although she only joined the school in May she’s all done in year 7. July also bought my Mum & Step-Dad to us, they have just returned home after being with us for 10 days, they actually only left yesterday. We absolutely loved having them to stay and we had a brilliant week. Both kids adored having them and they were throughly spoilt. They bought them a huuuuge trampoline for the garden and they bought C a slide and goal post as an early Birthday present.



August is a month for Birthdays …. it’s Hubby’s this week and it’ll be mine in a few weeks too. It’s also still the summer holidays so hopefully we’ll have lots more sun and lots more days out 🙂

The Goodbyes Never Get Any Easier …

As some of you may know we moved back to England in May of this year leaving My Mum & Step-Dad behind. Saying goodbye on the day we left was just awful, I still think back and remember those feelings & sadness like it was yesterday.

Today we’ve just had to do it all again. We have had them over to stay with us for the past 10 days and a few hours ago we stood at the bottom of the drive and waved them off …. they won’t both be back over together until Christmas now. That seems like ages away. So much time will have passed between now and then. My 2 year old will become 3, he will have grown up so so much and the difference in him will be huge. He changes and develops so much over a few days let alone months. My 12 year old will be almost a teenager and again more grown up than she is now.

I have loved having the company as well. They weren’t in with us all day everyday because they were out most days making the most of their break over but i’ll miss the company first thing in the morning when I get up with C. Mum has been getting up with us and we would sit and enjoy a cuppa & have a chat before the rest of the house showed signs of life. We would all then sit down and have breakfast together. I’ll miss the company in the evenings too.

C has been loving the attention of having his grandparents here. He’s had lots of giggles and he’s had someone giving him attention or playing with him almost constantly.

I just feel a bit empty I guess and the house feels very quiet. I doubt the goodbyes will ever get easier. I’ve always lived near to Mum so having her so far away isn’t something i’m used to.

We’ve had such fun these past 10 days and i’m sad it’s all over.

Our Week 29th June – 5th July 2015

Last week was actually a really lovely week so I thought I would share it with you.

Monday – We still didn’t have a car so we spent the day just pottering round the garden – the weather was amazing. C had a music class in the morning and my sister come with us. When we got home we sat in the garden for a few hours with C in and out of his paddling pool.

Tuesday – We finally received our documents for the car. WOOHOO it’s now all official and registered on UK number plates. We didn’t have all the paperwork and number plates sorted until the afternoon so up until they arrived we spent more time in the garden enjoying the sunshine. It was so good though in the afternoon being able to pop out in the car for a drive – just to have the freedom finally to go out when we want is brilliant. It took almost 8 weeks to get it registered.

IMG_3841_2 IMG_3831_2



















Wednesday – In the morning hubby had an appointment so we went along to that and afterwards we drove to the local shopping centre for a browse. The weather during the day was really warm and humid but it was a bit cloudy .. perfect time to shop 😉 Saying that come the afternoon/early evening the clouds shifted and the sun was soon shining again so the kids and I washed the car. They had great fun. For dinner we decided to have a BBQ – the first of many! I’ve really been enjoying a nice glass of lemonade, a few cubes of ice and some sliced strawberry this week – it’s so refreshing.



















Thursday – C and I met a friend & her little girl for brunch on the beach. Despite the weather being a bit iffy with some rain on and off we had a lovely time – we went to Urban Reef down on the seafront. C and I both chose pancakes (which were delicious) and had a lovely chat and catch up. We didn’t do very much in the afternoon and again luckily the clouds shifted and the sun come out so it was decided we would go out for dinner … no cooking for me YAY.





Friday – In the morning we had a settling in session at C’s new pre-school – we popped along for an hour just for him to have a play and an explore so he’ll be a bit more familiar in September (or January, depending on when I decide to send him) Afterwards C was in need of a hair cut so we popped into a local town. He loves getting his hair cut and will sit in the chair so well. The weather was stunning all day so of course what did we do for dinner …. yep another BBQ – I could get used to this!





















Saturday & Sunday – We had a throughly good weekend with lots of gorgeous weather – we spent the morning on Saturday at the shopping centre getting bits for L’s residential school trip next weekend and I also did the food shop then all afternoon & evening we spent round a friends house for dinner. Sunday we went to a nearby village to see the Annual Ferrari & Italian market, then spent the afternoon round a friends house in their garden. You can see a separate post here with lots of photos from the 2015 Ferrari & Italian market.

First Trip to the Cinema!

C is 2 & a half and we thought now would be a good time to introduce him to the cinema. He really enjoys watching Shaun the Sheep on TV in the mornings so we thought what better movie to take him to for his first time yesterday.

We arrived a good 15 minutes before the film was due to start, bought our tickets and popcorn and went to find our seats. The film has been in the cinema for a good few weeks now so it has been moved to a smaller screen. I think it was perfect for his first time. It didn’t seem huge and overwhelming when we walked in and it was nice and cosy. The other benefit was it didn’t get too busy either – there was only three other sets of people in there with us.

Our local cinema has recently been refurbished and it was refreshing to see such big comfy seats which were also spaced out really well. The seats in front were a good bit below the row behind which meant who ever sat in front wouldn’t be blocking your view. Perfect if you’re tiny. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see.

The film was about 1hr and 20 minutes long (not including the adverts). All started well – he sat ver quietly eating his crisps & drinking his drink watching the movie. Around 40 minutes into the film he did become a bit fidgety – it’s hard for a 2 year old to sit still don’t you know! lol

At one point Shaun the Sheep burped in the film so of course C decided to imitate it haha … he also stood up at one point and decided to stare at a young couple in the row behind! When he started singing the wheels on the bus I asked him if he wanted to go and he did. So we both left leaving my husband and L to finish watching the end.

All in all I think it went pretty well for his first time. We were in the seats for about an hour all in and like I said toddlers find it hard sitting in the one place for any length of time. He lasted longer than I thought he would. Luckily the cinema wasn’t packed full of people otherwise we might have left a little earlier lol. It’ll be a while before we try him again though I think.




It’s not the best of photos with it being dark.