Easter 2017


Easter Weekend …. a 4-day break that everyone looks forward to right? Hmm, not us exactly. We only had the one day as a family to enjoy the ‘Easter Weekend’ Mr S worked all day Friday, most of Saturday and he’s back to work all day today. I worked Friday night (8-midnight) and I will also be working the same tonight too. But that’s just how it is sometimes, isn’t it? What can you do? We did have a lovely day yesterday though. L is away with friends for the weekend so we only had C. The weather has been so lovely recently. Saturday afternoon we took C & the dog for a walk along the beach. C had his scooter and scootered along the promenade and we ate ice-creams. Obviously, he wanted to go down to ‘look’ at the sea which 100% resulted in him getting completely soaked and…