Tassimo Vivy Review


I purchased the Tassimo Vivy machine for my husband for Christmas. It’s so easy to use and the coffee is amazing so I thought I would share with you my thoughts and views on this particular machine.

I chose the Vivy simply because of its slimline design. I wanted it to be able to fit it on the worktop without taking up too much space. The Tassimo Vivy is only 17cm in width, therefore it sits perfectly in my kitchen in a space that was almost made for it!

The Tassimo Vivy is super easy to use and is almost ready to make a delicious cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate almost immediately!

To help the slimline design of the Tassimo Vivy, the water tank is smaller than what you would have in a bigger Tassimo machine, but I have to say I am still impressed with the size of the tank. We easily get a good 3 cups of coffee (when using the Latte T DISC) and you would get even more cups from other drinks that require less water. The water tank is situated on the side of the machine and can hold up to 0.7 litres of water.


It also comes with a handy removable drip tray which can also be moved to different heights to accommodate smaller cups. This can also be entirely removed if you have a larger cup when making a Latte (or similar)


Tassimo’s intelligent Barcode technology scans the barcode on Tassimo T DISCs to register brewing time, temperature and the amount of water required for each drink. It’s very clever and all you do is pop your desired T DISC in to the top of the machine and press the button on the front …. it really is that easy!



The Tassimo Vivy is also really easy to maintain. It comes complete with a cleaning T DISC, which slots into the machine for safe keeping just underneath the water tank. All you have to do is pop the cleaning T DISC into the machine and place a cup underneath, press the button and away you go …. you let the machine do all the hard work.

I have to say we are really pleased we have the Tassimo Vivy and there are a range of different types of drinks available online and in most supermarkets.


*Disclaimer – we bought this machine ourselves but I wanted to share with you our thoughts on this product.


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  1. Great post Lisa, I am looking to get Dan a coffee machine for his birthday in April, he absolutely loves coffee, and has been wanting a coffee maker for as long as I can remember. So i will have a look into getting the Tassimo Vivy. Great pictures. It looks like it makes a great coffee! x

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