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I’ve had my iPhone 6 for just a little over a year now and up until recently I have never had a case for it. I use my phone all the time and although I was super careful with it, I was always worried I would scratch or damage it by mistake.

When Mr Nutcase asked me if I would like to review one of their personalised iPhone 6 phone cases I was delighted. Not only for the fact I could keep my phone safe but I could choose the design myself and personalise it to how I wanted.

I found their website really easy to navigate and really easy to use. The process was step by step and I didn’t have any problems finding my way around. Once I found the section for iPhone 6’s, I chose the ‘Full Wrap Around Premium Edition’ case. The next step was to choose the type of layout I wanted for my case & to then upload the photos I wanted to use. I was able to upload them direct from my laptop, Facebook or Instagram. I could add text, clipart or add colours to the background as well. At each stage of adding something I was able to see what it was going to look like, giving me some sort of idea wether I wanted to add or take anything away.

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Once I was happy with my design, I clicked on the ‘buy’ button which enabled me to preview the case, rotating it so I could see all of the sides & to make sure I was happy before I went ahead to purchase.

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You are able to pay for your case either by card or Paypal, and this particular case had free delivery. Once I had placed my order I was impressed with how quickly it took to arrive.

When my case arrived, I was very impressed at the quality of the printing. The photo had printed out really well and the colours were perfect. I also liked the way it fits nice and securely to my phone which is a relief because i’m not worried about it slipping off.

I have been using the case for a while now and it’s daily in and out of my bag or my pocket and i’m still impressed at how good the case looks. There isn’t any light scratches or marks on there at all. It’s a strong sturdy case with no chances of it bending or breaking.





I will definitely be purchasing products from Mr Nutcase in the future, seeing as we all have phones in our house & because they also offer a range of other personalised products as well such as mugs and laptop cases.

*Disclaimer I was sent this phone case for the purpose of this review, however all the opinions, words and pictures are my own. The full wrap around premium edition case retails at £19.95.


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