Toddler Development.

It amazes me how every now and again C surprises us by having another development surge. In the last few weeks he seems to be saying a lot more and using more sentences. We pretty much can understand anything he’s saying now or what he’s asking for and if we are unsure it’s easy enough to work out what it is he wants.

He’s becoming a lot more independent as well. He insists on putting his own shoes on, he has to zip up his own coat, he puts his own gloves on & he was even able to put his own trousers on the other day – both legs into the right leg too on the first try!

He will sit at the table and will enjoy doing things like painting, colouring, glueing and sticking and he absolutely adores baking. I can’t even get the mixing bowl and scales out without him pulling a chair up next to me so he can help …. or should I say do it all – mummy doesn’t get a look in.





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