The Ordinary Moments!

Painting never grows old. C & I were the only two up for a good few hours this morning. He woke early (6.15am) and instead of the whole house being up I bought him downstairs. After he had his milk & cereal I decided to do something we haven’t done in a long time. I grabbed the paints & loads of paper and we both sat for almost two hours painting away.

He absolutely loved it – it was not only fun for him but we made it educational too, he was telling me what colours he was using. He also was learning to share as well – he would dip the paintbrush into a colour and handed it over to me … “Here you go Mummy” for me to let my artistic ideas flow …. which I admit weren’t very good!!!

It was just nice to spend the time together, no worries of having to do any housework, washing, washing up ….. it was just the two of us sat painting away to our hearts content.







  1. Aww, how lovely. I really should make more of an effort to get the paints out, my little boy loves it and I don’t do it anywhere near enough. #ordinarymoments

  2. Aww what a lovely post. I love how spontaneous this painting session was! More often than not I find off the cuff activities work the best- I have tried doing painting a few times with my little one, aged 17 months but he isn’t at a stage where he enjoys it yet, Can’t wait to do this when he’s a bit bigger! #inspired
    Amelia x

  3. Oh lisa, hello!! Your blog is lovely. What beautiful pictures of Caiden, he looks like he is having such a brill time. Definitely a moment to remember. It is so nice to just sit and get involved with the kids sometimes, and like you said totally forget about everything else, especially having a some time to completely forget about the housework, is always good! Lovely post xx

  4. Oh what a lovely moment – and a great masterpiece too! For all the ouch of an early start it is a lot of fun to have a little quiet one on one time without any pressure to be anywhere or do anything else!

  5. This looks like such a lovely moment to share and a great use of the early morning! Painting always goes down well although we don’t do it often enough as I can’t stand the mess. Really must lighten up! Thanks for linking up x

  6. We really should paint more, it looks like so much fun, I just hate the mess and so I would rather they did it at nursery which totally isn’t the attitude. It looks like you have great fun doing it. x

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