It’s that time of the year again when the clocks change. (Daylight Saving Time) It’s the time of year where we will be loosing an hour of our day (Spring Forward …. Fall Back is the easiest way to remember if the clocks go back or forward)

Now I don’t know if i’m in the minority here but as a parent I much prefer it when the clocks go forward despite the fact we loose an hour in the day. The reason why I prefer it to gaining an hour in the Autumn is simply down to looking at my clock the next morning.

When C walks in declaring ‘Morning Mummy, Morning Daddy’ I will glance at the time and it will look like we’ve had a lie in. This morning he woke at 7.30am – if he does the same tomorrow it’ll read 8.30am!! In my eyes that will be a lie in Haha. When the clocks go back in the Autumn it looks like we’re up SO much earlier.

Of course I am also looking forward to the lighter evenings and obviously the better weather as we move further into Spring and then into Summer … we’ve not had the best of weather recently, despite it being almost April we’ve had lots of wind, rain and grey skies.


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