The end of the summer term started at 12 this afternoon. I know L only joined the school a few months ago, but she has now completed year 7 of school.

The other day her school report was handed out and I have to say both myself and her dad were super proud by what we read. Every single one of her teachers had something lovely to say about her – they said she has settled in very well and has adapted to her lessons well. Considering she missed the first 7 months of the year they all said she’s doing remarkably well with her work and she puts a lot of effort into both her school and homework.

At the beginning of the week the whole year went away for two nights to an activity centre. Naturally I worried about her being away, but it was the best two days for her. They had an absolutely brilliant time and it encouraged her to mix with different people.

I am incredibly proud of how well she’s done these past few months. She’s grown from a shy, timid little girl into a confident, outgoing, brave young lady.



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