Today marks the day for C’s last pre-school session until September. That means he’s been attending for 6 whole months now. Time really does fly by doesn’t it?

I remember writing his pre-school milestone post just after I dropped him off for his first ever afternoon, and it really doesn’t feel like 6 months ago.

On his first day he ran with such confidence and excitement and ~I can honestly say he has continued to do just that. I haven’t ever dropped him off and had to leave him watching me walk out in tears, or grab hold of my leg and not let me go. He has always gone in, kissed me goodbye and gone on to see what kind of adventures they have set up for him that day.


Pre-School. 6 Months on.
This was him running in on his first session back in January.

In the beginning when I had collected him I asked what had he been up to and he would tell me the fun things he had done, but he never mentioned anyone he had played with. I asked the teacher after a few weeks did he interact with anyone in particular but she told me he just kept himself to himself and played alone.

I felt so sad. I couldn’t imagine him there for 3 hours each session just happily playing alone, the pre-school teacher told me not to worry, at that age they really don’t interact much especially if they’re new to a pre-school/nursery environment. She said it would come with time.

Well sure enough it did – he come home one afternoon and started telling me about a little boy called black and a little boy called green who he had played with outside. It turns out he hadn’t got the stage of finding out who’s names were who, he just went by the colour of what they were wearing that day Haha. It did confuse us at first. In the last month or so though he has started to use his friends names and that to me just shows how much he’s changing and how much he’s grown in such a sort space of time.

He gets so excited on the days he has ‘school’ as he calls it and he’ll go in looking all neat and tidy and most of the time comes out looking wet/sandy/dirty or with paint splodges on his face … but I really don’t care. The main thing is he’s having fun. Clothes can be washed and children can be bathed. Having fun and exploring the world is much better than standing watching on, afraid to get dirty.

Up until now he’s only attended two afternoon sessions a week which consist of 3 hours each. In September he’ll be attending 3 sessions a week and by next Easter 4 a week to prepare him for the 5 day a week he’ll have at school.

Trying to explain to him this morning that this was his last session for a while because school is on holidays was a tad tricky. I don’t quite think he got the concept. 6 weeks is going to seem like a life time for a little boy who loves going and each week asks which days he’s off to school.

He he in on the day of his first session.


This was then taken on the last session before the Summer holidays:

Pre-School - 6 Months On



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