The time has come for me to start thinking about potty training C. He is now 2yrs 9 months and he now has an excellent understanding of what we say. I most likely would have started earlier than now but we’ve just had a big house move and I wanted to wait until we were settled before we ventured on this new journey.

In the past he has shown an interest in his new ‘big boy pants’ I had bought and popped in the drawer until we were ready and he has often asked to sit on the toilet around bath time even though he’s yet to actually do anything.

Today I guess could be counted as day 1. He’s been wearing pants since first thing and I have to say up until now it’s not been plain sailing! Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting miracles but we’ve had 3 wee’s and one poo …. all in pants so far.

I think he’s sick of me asking him every 5-10 minutes “Do you need a wee?” the reply i’ve been getting all afternoon is a stern “NO”

I’ve sat him on the potty & toilet a few times throughout the day but nothing yet! The bottom of the potty has only ever seen dust!

My plan was to stay in the house for a few days, but he’s already getting bored and asking to go to the beach (which lets face it with such beautiful sunny weather I think his idea is better!)

I certainly don’t want to put him off the whole training thing by doing it when he’s not quite ready and after today I am questioning … is he really ready yet? He is adamant he is not going to sit on that potty (or toilet) for a wee!

What would you do? Should I carry on tomorrow or give it a rest for a few days/weeks and try again?


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  1. I would take the potty with you whilst out, let him wear a pull up if he chooses too. And keep asking him, and reminding him gently, if he needs to pee pee to let you know.
    Macaulay would grab at his nappy, and I knew he was needing a wee.
    But imo it comes when they are ready, not us.

    He’ll one day just take his nappy off and toddle over, but it does no harm in gently reminding him that he needs to try the “pee pee on the potty”. Macaulay preferred the big toilet haha.

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