Today we’re onto our 3rd full day of C being in pants and I have to say I am amazed at how well it’s going. On our first full day (Sunday) I spent the whole day changing pants & clothes. He was coming to me telling me he needed to go but it was as he was doing it. We didn’t make the potty in time. I didn’t make a fuss about it and all I said was ‘Never mind, lets get you some new pants, good boy for trying.’

Later that afternoon we were due to go round to some friends just for an hour – they’re really good friends of ours and I knew they wouldn’t mind me taking him in his pants and the potty so that’s what we did – the hour we spent there he kept asking to use the potty but each time we sat there he didn’t do anything. By the time we got home though he managed to do both a wee and a number 2 before it was time for his night time nappy. OMG He was SO pleased with himself, he proudly picked up the potty and showed Daddy & L before flushing it down the toilet.

Monday morning I got up and took his nappy off and put him straight into pants – something must have just clicked the previous evening because we had absolutely no accidents ALL day – he spent the whole day in he same clothes. I was amazed by how quick it took him to grasp it.

Today is now Tuesday and again we’ve had absolutely no accidents all day and we even ventured out of the house for a few hours earlier (armed with spare clothes and the potty) but he stayed dry the whole time. Even at bath-time he asked to get out so he could go.

Feeling proud is a huge under statement – I was actually dreading this milestone because for some reason I was expecting the journey to have been a lot harder. I of course am expecting a few accidents over the course of time but I really didn’t think he would be doing so well on days 2 & 3.

It feels odd now only putting him in one nappy a day.


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